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about 1 month ago Kimberly Quill said:

Clisa I need your help to write The Chosen. I know you've been waiting for me to pick it up for a long time but I'm having a lot of trouble deciding where to start the story. If you want to help me that would be great.


about 1 month ago Meg Hobler said:

Thank you for your comment on All of My Broken Pieces! Actually, according to my college writing professor, when it comes to poetry, punctuation is more of a stylistic choice- therefore there is no set rules about commas, periods, capitalization. However, you could choose to add in comas, or you could choose to not add in comas and either or would be perfectly fine! In my opinion, I see the ending of a line giving the same effect as a comma and I think too many of them unnecessarily clutter the page, but it all depends on the author's personal preference. Thanks again for the comment, I'll get to my side of the swap sometime tonight!! :)



about 1 month ago Nick Meraglio said:

Thanks I'm still learning the site here haha I'd love to do a review for your book! I'd love to swap books but I need someone to explain to me what that means and how to do it first haha


about 1 month ago Brynai Anderson said:

If you have me read "Link Will Wake Up...Wont He?" I wont read any of the others because Link Will Wake Up because it is over 2000 words and Under Our Skin is 2000 or less.


about 1 month ago Brynai Anderson said:

I just published the rest of the chapters so you could read them :) I'm kind of confused on which of those things you would like me to read? Since Under Our Skin only has 2000 words, I'll read something of yours that has 2000 or less, or a chapter, or a book of poems, etc.

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All of My Broken Pieces

(about 1 month ago)

ok. One thing I learned the hard way with poetry, is this. when You Tap enter You Need Commas Like This. I will do a letter to... Read More »

Under Our Skin

(about 1 month ago)

SO GOOD. can I have the early accesses code?? I want to read more!!!!!! Read More »