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  • D3
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    After a rough senior year, Blaire Caroline Swenson is more than ready for a fresh start at college. But after an unexpected turn of ev…

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  • Yoyoyoa
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    A unique story about the relationship between a father and his son.

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  • Victory
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    What is victory? Victory (n.) : 1. A success or triumph over an enemy in battle. That's what the dictionary says, at least. In order…

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    Secret Love

    Ever fallen in love with your best friend?

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    Made to be Broken

    A cute memoir from a childhood trip to India

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    Bullying Stops Now

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over 4 years ago J.J. Alim said:

Hey there! Just wondering if you can help me out... I've entered "Cracks in the Stone" in the Kidnapped Contest and it needs some love. Would greatly appreciate a heart (if deserved) and any comments/reviews you can offer. Thanks! ~J.J.

Myphone 424

over 4 years ago MarinaColley said:

Hii!!! Would you wanna swap with me???

If you read The Magic Pond of Bear Paw and give me a review, I'll read anything you like!

Dsc00028 copy

over 4 years ago Juliet Nobles said:

 photo tumblr_m8s42vSEXT1qjcppno1_500jpg_zps36dbdce0.jpg

"After reading a few sentences, I was hooked." - Audrey Welliver

"[your] writing is absolutely superb." - CoolLikeTheBreeze

"You have a really good sense of how to pull the reader in with just a few sentences," - Maryn Wosu

"Well-written, well-paced, and well-executed in general," - Katie ZaBAM

 photo tumblr_mmai68r03K1r9xu2ao1_500jpg_zps28c5c559.jpg

I would be so grateful if you were to read either of the above. If you’d like to read them as a swap, please comment on my profile what you would like me to read in return. thank you! :)


almost 5 years ago Ninja Nourie said:

Oh yeah, I totally understand what you mean about school, studying gets tough, especially when you start getting ready for SATs. Take your time, but don't forget.

Alright, you keep the cuss-o-meter down, cause some people get a bit me (imagine x eyes and a tongue sticking out with a warning sign flashing over my head :P), also I'm not comfortable with my sister seeing those words, I know I sound super protective, but it doesn't feel right. And yeah, I know when it's like "the moment" for them to show up, I think everyone gets those moments...when writing, of course.

Alright I should go and read that story now.



almost 5 years ago Ninja Nourie said:

Wow, the site must be having "one of those days", anyways, I'll read your story soon, like tomorrow since I had a campday at school and I can barely keep my eyes open! It's just that the cover really freaked me out (no offence, honest!).

When are you updating Doors? I hope soon, I'm DYING to see what happens next (let's keep the cursewords a bit low, kay? Please?)!

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Liar, Liar

(about 4 years ago)

Hi:) Missed me? Well I’m back (: So sorry for disappearing for like eight months. I might be updating Doors soon, will tell you when I d... Read More »

Beauty, Ugly.

(almost 5 years ago)

“nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to see” -- > “nothing could have prepared me for what I saw” “Cats, bunnies, and ... Read More »