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    Till We Meet Again

    Hey guys!

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    What happens when a tornado meets a cloud? Cover credit to Jasper(Kony2012)

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    Don't Hide

    Currently- Under construction. I will have more chapters up very soon Belle is trapped in her own private hell. While she struggles t…

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    I do

    My latest song. Please leave comments and feedback below. If anyone is interested in collaborating with me, please leave me a messag…

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    Till we sleep tonight

    Hey guys. My latest song! My dream is to have the guys of One Direction read one of my songs, so please help to spread the word! Thank…

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    Give it a rest

    Hey guys. I'm an aspiring song writer. I really want the guys of One Direction to see this. If you like it, please re-tweet it to them…

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7 days ago S.J. Bouquet said:

yeah! fell off the face of the earth for about a year xD I'm doing fine. Trying to write a story and get it published through amazon e-book by the end of the summer. HOW ARE YOU?!


2 months ago S.J. Bouquet said:

YOU LIVE! :D hey hey hey!


7 months ago Aurora Sanders said:


7 months ago S.J. Bouquet said:


8 months ago Lance Surratt said:

Hey you should join my new group ''Adventure time'' its the newest group of adventure time group and it has allot of members for coming out not long ago. so join in you will be a valuable character, its on my profile. So if you like Jake, Finn, Marshlee then u need to join this group. Join Today!!!

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My Reviews

Hipsters in Starbucks

(about 2 years ago)

You pretty much wrote what I feel every single day. Our campus has a starbucks and it has become a source of annoyance for me. Great Job! Read More »


(over 2 years ago)

This story is hilarious. I love how you did it from a guy's point of view. Good luck.PS-Check out my story and tell me what you think. Th... Read More »