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    Dear St. Patrick

    for the PoetryMonth contest.

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    East of Deliverance

    "Ain't no sorrows left in me, Sunshine. All I've got are my demons." TWD fanfic

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  • Birdcage silhouette ii
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    I'm a Caged Bird

    If I could escape this cage. I could love you, love you, love you.

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    Semi-finalist for the robot contest! Too bad I didn't make it farther ): “What am I?”

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    Almost Beautiful

    He looked at me and said "you're beautiful Sav, inside and out." My hand itched to point at the scar that tore across the lower right …

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    Why don’t I break my walls you ask?

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over 2 years ago Zoey NB said:


over 3 years ago Darth_ said:

Hello there Mainslee. I am new to Figment and stumbled upon your work as I recently wrote a story similar to Almost Beautiful. I really enjoyed that, and look forward to reading more of your work.

I want to commend you on that story, and you have no idea how much emotions you struck on my end. One of my dearest friends was involved in an accident and the after effects were just so awful. She got through it with the right support, and mentality. People always face similar issues, even if they are not severely burnt, or scarred, and definitely, once we can accept our own beauty, we will be just fine.

So nice meeting you. I intend to look at your other stories, and I hope you check out mine? It is a fan fic that I wrote to dedicate to my friend, I would like your views on it as it sort of borderlines the points you developed. I hope my points come across like yours did :). Nice meeting you.

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Why Me ?

(over 6 years ago)

This is pretty good for your first published story! Just make sure to go back and edit. You have a lot of grammar errors and puncuati... Read More »