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  • Door[1]
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    *Halloween Special*

    When a Halloween party goes awry, eighteen year old Joey Halliger finds himself trapped in a cold, dark basement of a maniac who wants…

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  • 15zqrnp[1]
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    Broken Throne

    It doesn't matter who you are or who you were. In the mines, you are a slave and your only job, your only reason for living, for being…

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  • 2mxpg8j[1]
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    Floor 13 - A Floor Above [COMPLETE]

    COMPLETE - SEQUEL COMING SOON - BOOK ONE OF THE DAMON LOCKE SERIES Thirteen is a very unlucky number. Pair that with a knife toting…

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  • Deadbydawnsanyak
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    Dead by Dawn

    Floor 13 was just the beginning. Damon Locke and Tessa Hurt are back in this action packed sequel, Dead by Dawn. Damon and Tessa must …

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  • Vk4p623[1]
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    You Like Snow

    A snow day with a considerate friend who doesn't like snow. Beautiful cover by Noceurx! =COMPLETE!=

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  • Author_q_a2[1] naomifolettia
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    Author Q & A

    This will be the very last thing I ever put up on my Figment wall. Stories will still be updated but no new ones will be added until t…

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Talk to me!

New profile picture

3 days ago C. Van Asch (Chesster) said:

Thanks for the feedback!


4 days ago MaryAnn said:

OH.....ok. sweet.


4 days ago Caspian Vinson said:

It's okay. Seems like everyone is busy nowadays. And Figment won't be here in January, that's why I'm asking. Because I don't want us to stop talking and not have anyway to get in contact. Like, even a facebook username or something would be good. Or even a wattpad if you have it. Just something. But sorry for kinda pressuring you into it.

Design team's working on a logo, there was some update with the coding team although I don't remember what, and we have two more people for the business and recruitment team. One's in the midst of making an advertisement! And we have a guy that's willing to advertise our site when it actually goes live!

It's fine, Haley. I completely understand why you wouldn't want to give it out, even if I'd delete the message the instant I saw it (which I would do, btw). Like I said before, I understand but I'm just worried about us losing contact because Figment won't be here in January. They're getting rid of it December 31. Hopefully they make the new underlined stuff soon (although I don't have high hopes).

Other than that, things are going fine. My thanksgiving break has basically started. I haven't left Oswego yet, but I'm gonna be leaving after I clean my room up and stuff. Writing's going okay; working on Dreamer slowly, edited the first chapter of Fairytale again. I had to stop my nano entry because I really wanted to get back into Dreamer again. It's okay; I have next year.

Sanya k 2

4 days ago Haley Kissell said:


Figment is shutting down - I am more than upset about it but I would love to see all my amazing followers and amazing Figgies at the new site. I changed my pro pic for the throwback to when things were going smoothly on Figment... hopefully the new site will be ok.

I'm really busy at the moment with life and all that good stuff so if I don't get back with you immediately, that's why (I might take a few days to get back with you - I'm really sorry for such a long wait!). I'll do my best to get with you in a timely matter so go ahead and comment or leave your swap requests and I'll try and get back with you. I always love hearing from you guys and thanks for being awesome! 200+ followers, woo hoo! you guys are epic!


8 days ago WingsofAnEagle said:

Heyoo! :)

Thanks so much for the reply! That sounds like a great idea, Im sure we can use all the helpers we can get! :) Thankyou so much for your offer, it's greatly appreciated! If you get any responses or volunteer offers, plz direct them to me!

Shucks no, you didnt talk my ear off! XD You should see some of the messages I leave on other Figgies walls.. XD

Sorry for the late reply, BTW. I havent had this many profile comments like-- ever before. Seriously tho, I got 15 comments in ONE DAY. O.o Just cray-zee.

Anyhoo, thanks again for the offer, and for doing this! Whether people respond or not, I really appreciate that you'll have tried! :)


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Floor 13 - A Floor Above [COMPLETE]

(8 months ago)

Hey everyone! I just wanted to say thank you for reading/review this to whoever comes across it. I just wanted to let people know this is... Read More »

Mail-Box (Novella)

(10 months ago)

Hey October! This is for our swap! I'm going to start with Chapter Two as I had earlier reviewed chapter one. I'm going to try and give y... Read More »