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    You Like Snow

    A snow day with a considerate friend who doesn't like snow. Beautiful cover by Noceurx! =COMPLETE!=

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    The Treaure of Bhelbor

    Awesome cover by the one and only Vrai! =ON HOLD= Please help me reach my 50 heart goal! Ember Darkwalker is a mercenary for hire…

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    And So It Begins (A Poem)

    My first try at poetry! Cover by the amazing Ashley C. Nicole

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    Broken Throne

    It doesn't matter who you are or who you were. In the mines, you are a slave and your only job, your only reason for living, for being…

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    Floor 13 - A Floor Above [COMPLETE]

    COMPLETE - SEQUEL COMING SOON Thirteen is a very unlucky number. Pair that with a knife toting killer who loves to play games and…

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    Floor 13 - Short Story Version

    >COMPLETE!< Thirteen is a very unlucky number. Combine that with a late night elevator ride with a strange man brandishing a knife and…

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Untitled ha

about 16 hours ago Roanoke Wilde said:

YAAAAYYY!! GO, HALEEEYYY!!! No problem...caps rants are awesome. XD You need to get that thing finished and POSTED for all your fans to see!!! :D :D :D

Cool! That would mean a LOT to me...but...I'm actually in the process of posting what I've rewritten of Figura Mutante and I renamed it Intacta Imperium (if you're wondering about the weird names, they're Latin ;) So...if you ever DO end up reading anything, you can choose between the new and the old version. :D


about 17 hours ago Caspian Vinson said:

HURRAH! I'm glad you finished it! I finished Dreamer a long while ago (the first version) and then I changed things around and it is what it is now. Hopefully I can finish the first draft by the end of this year and then spend 2018 editing and getting around to publication! And don't ever worry about ranting Haley; if you need to get something off your chest, do it. I'm always willing to listen!

I watched them sometimes, but it wasn't a lot that I did. And honestly, it wasn't your standard fanfiction with existing characters. No. I went the extra mile and said "I'm gonna make an entirely new generation of Power Rangers with no bearing or relation to the others", so I did. I got really far into it, but didn't post it all on Fanfiction.net. So, theoretically, I already have the beginning of "Sentinel" (just one possible title for the story; it might change, I'm not too sure). We have one group that operates solely on Earth, one third of another group stationed on Earth, and then a third group which operates out of the cosmos as a whole. I know I want it to be a POV switch story, so we'll be bouncing around my characters' heads a lot. I have to choose 3 to work with, but I know for a fact I'm using the one from the broken Trinity (her name's Juliet). Also, I figured out their powers, their fighting styles, and their weapons. Still don't have a design for the super suits or any idea who their enemies will be, but I'll have to figure that out soon. This one will require little more than just "winging it", I think, even though my first thought is to just jump in and have it all come to me... actually, I might do that. Will I use what I write in the first official draft? Possibly. Only time will tell. Ooh, I wish I could send you the word doc with all of the Sentinel Information, but I don't think you'd be comfortable sending me an email. If you are though, just let me know. Normally though, I'd say it should be easier, but I haven't had such luck.

Thanks Haley! You always believe in me! Keep being awesome and keep writing! Never give up!


16 days ago Haley Kissell (semi hiatus) said:


I'm kind of on a semi hiatus so if I don't get back with you immediately, that's why. I'll do my best to get with you in a timely matter so go ahead and comment or leave you swap requests and I'll try and get back with you. I always love hearing from you guys and thanks for being awesome! 200+ followers, woo hoo! you guys are epic!


Pro pic by tony trin aster

3 months ago Trin Aster(full hiatus) said:

omg, when did you hit 200 followers? CONGRATS


3 months ago Abby_Queen said:

I love your stories! It is my goal to write like you do. Keep inspiring! -Abby_Queen

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Floor 13 - A Floor Above [COMPLETE]

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