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2 days ago Ané said:

Sorry for my late reply!

I'm almost fully recovered, I'm back at my flat, though I'm really behind with school and struggling to catch up. I've been working on our project's stats all day yesterday and today. It's really exhausting as I'm not 100% yet, and I think yesterday took it's toll because today wasn't so great. Oh well :)

No problem! Anything I can do I'm more than happy to! I'm sorry to hear, I hope it all works out and that things will get better *more panda hugs*. I wish I was a superhero... It sucks when life throws punches at you and it's not always easy to get back up. But I'm here for you, no matter what.

How are you now? Is the workload any better?

I wish you only the best and may you have a splendiferous day and weekend *hug*


3 days ago Caspian Vinson said:

Hey Hale! I've been kinda distracted these past few days and haven't really been doing much of anything. I'm about to do a ton of writing for chapter 1 of Dreamer (so you can actually read a version of it that I like if you want), but before I get to that, I have to finish harping on the fact of Maya's dress. What do you think of this? So, as the True Dreamer, Maya gets an outfit that protects her; it works in tandem with her spiral and book and it's basically a type of very strong armor. The type of dress it is though is what's giving me pause. It's a corset dress (type that into google, go to the images, tap the "modern" tab, and you'll see exactly the one I'm imagining and chose for her). She can lengthen and shorten it as she pleases, but it's just the initial length and also the type of dress that bugs me a bit and makes me wonder if it's the wrong kind of dress for her. I chose it based on just what it looked like and nothing else, and I didn't really give it much thought otherwise... am I right with choosing the kind of dress I did?

Eventually things will settle down, sure. I've been going over to another friend's dorm recently and we even made plans to binge watch Game of Thrones this weekend! We're gonna hook the HDMI up to my laptop and tv and just watch it on Hulu. Not sure how much we're gonna get through, but we shall see. Aside from that, though, I’m not doing much beyond writing and studying because I haven’t written anything new for Dreamer in a while. There was small stuff here and there, but never any big writing moments. I’m about to have one after I finish this message, partially so I can get this girl off of my mind (long story; I’ll probably put it below or in another message if you want to hear it. Do you?), partially because I really want to finish this chapter and move on to actually redoing chapter 2, and also because I’ve had a fellow Figgie friend Em(berlin) just waiting patiently to look at the version of chapter 1 that I wanted her to read and give me feedback on. Although, I’ve read the introductory college excerpts to my friend, Syd (the one that I’m watching GOT with on Friday), and she says that it feels like the real thing. It is though; I’m literally just typing out what I remember and altering the minor things that apply directly to this universe where Dreamers exist. You’ll know when I post it too; I’ll make sure to send you a message if you don’t follow me. Also, not sure if I said this, but I HAVE A WEBSITE! An author website! Sure, it’s SUPER early and I’m nowhere near done with Dreamer since I redoing it, but I figured I might as well make it now to get the publicity. You can even see the excerpt I have up for chapter 1 (it’s the dream Maya has that kickstarts the entire plot) if you want. Click on the three lines in the corner, go down to the “Dreamer” tab, scroll down to the bottom of the page it brings you to under “Promotional Material” and then you’ll see it. Also, you could subscribe to join my mailing list and let people know about it if you want. Alright, that’s enough selling myself. Just thought I’d let you know that I did this thing. Also, I’ll be adding more excerpts and things like that periodically on the website, so you could check back for stuff if you’d like. The excerpts won’t be in order though.

And I know! Ten Little Indians is the book that makes me excited to read! There’s so much to it that you can dig into, so much to see! It makes the writer/English major in me excited! Really, I can’t stop fawning over it; it’s so good. I was reading a string of bad books recently and (aside from Ten Little Indians) the book that broke it was “Antigoddess” by Kendare Blake. I like her style so far; plus, it’s about Greek gods, who doesn’t love that?

Yeah, Sky’s doing fine. And a lot’s happened with her recently. She kinda cut off our friendship because of personal stuff that was happening. She said she’d always treasure what we went through and said that she’d check back every month and maybe we could talk for a few minutes, but I’m not too sure. Guess we’ll see next month.

Yes, you did say that you completed your novella. And no, I’m no less excited that you did it and will not tire of you saying that you did it! I’ve only ever completed three stories (one of which was an older version of Dreamer) and I couldn’t tell you how happy and excited I was afterwards. Especially with Dreamer. I felt so accomplished after spending so long writing it; of course, now I’m back into Dreamer again, this time with the hope of publishing, so there’s that! Also, I’ve added in some new characters… well, old new characters. They were from a previous version and future books in the series that I had shelfed, so now I’m bringing them back and repurposing them. We have Maya’s daughter from an alternate universe, Cordelia, and we also have a Dream Thief named Cassidy. They appear together and they have a connection that I’m using. Also, their existence in this universe is going to be used to sort of bring up a future plot point and add to the big investigation that I have go on throughout the series; it’s a subplot, but that subplot goes throughout the books and will (hopefully) actually have a bearing on the plot of future installments. I’ve given thought to some old characters and have been trying to rationalize their actions in the realm of the story so that they make logical sense, so that’s going on as well. Also, trying to figure out an antagonist for book 2 that way I at least have a basic idea of what I’m doing. I feel like I might need an entirely new plot for that book in general, but I don’t quite know yet. I’ll have to see what comes up.

But I’ve been doing fine; school’s going okay, I have a nice break coming up (I’m going to be working in the shop building sets tomorrow from 1-6 for my theater class), I’m gonna be hanging with friends and writing. Nothing much to really report. Unless you want to hear about what’s going on with Mariah? Your choice. How’ve you been?


4 days ago Kiki Zapatos said:

I will be mod


4 days ago Sophia Edwards said:

Really? I'm glad you like it lol! It's always great to hear that :)


4 days ago Trin Aster said:


How did that happen xD

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