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5 months ago ☾✥Rosalie Moire✥☽ said:

Hi! Would you mind swapping?


7 months ago Avery Grace said:

Hey! Would you mind swapping with me? I'd be happy to read whatever content you have in mind in exchange for a review on my story 'Cheap Sex & Cigarettes.' Thanks for your time!


7 months ago Audie White said:

Hi! Care to swap? If so, I could use some feedback on the first chapter of my story, "Heartbreak Hotel". It's about a six minute read as of right now. If you're interested, just let me know what you'd like me to read.

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7 months ago Noceurx said:

Hey! I know it's late, but no problem~. I'd be happy to check out one of your works. Just let me know what I should read :) Have a nice day/night!


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7 months ago The Lost One said:

Helllllo. If you could could you spare a mere 2 minutes to read my most recent poem? It is about love, and most people could probably relate to it. If you like it heart and react, and if you have any suggestions, i welcome them. Thank you! http://figment.com/books/1035730-Human

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Mandy Wilson

(8 months ago)

Fucking genius. Read More »


(9 months ago)

Your sentences feel a little choppy. Some of those short sentences can be turned into one regular sized sentence with a little comma glue... Read More »