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  • Hopeless_by_dobytek-d5igrid
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    The Twentieth Hour

    The harsh questioning of a revolutionary reveals the dark struggles of a futuristic society, and the tense connections between those t…

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  • Princessandthefisherman
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    The Princess and The Fisherman

    This is a fairy-tale I wrote. It is mentioned in my fanfiction "Zelda's Heart" on YouTube.

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  • Rosethroughheart
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    The End of Hope

    *Work in progress*Ashia. It means "hope" and "life". And that, is exactly her destiny. Let me take you to the world called Hope, wher…

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  • Just_sad___by_kairichi9
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    Just Another Number

    *Work in progress*Meet Amber, who's only really 'present' when things are intresting. But since most of the times they're not, life fo…

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  • Johnwatson
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    Musings of a Grieving Man

    A poem about John Watson from BBC's "Sherlock"! (After the finale of season 2)

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  • New york city - rain and wet sidewalks-xl
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    At First Glance

    A short-story about the first impression of Eyre Mason, a girl trying desperately to make it in the world.

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Talk to me!


about 1 month ago Roanoke Wilde said:

Hello! My name is Roanoke Wilde, at your service. *Bows* So, before I start, I deeply apologize if you do not like advertisements or do not appreciate people trying to get you to read stuff. If I have angered you, again, I am SO sorry.

Anyway, I am an aspiring fantasy writer, a younger one, I might add, and am currently working on a novel that I desperately wish to see published in the future. If you have the time or are in any way interested, please read and give me your feedback. I'd be willing to swap if you ask, but I warn you, it might be a bit before I can get to it. :/

So, I might as well give a brief description. It's called “Figura Mutante”. It's about shape-shifters, but it features many other creatures as well. :) Before you dis it, I have tried to make it different from most you see...it's also not necessarily romantic...yet? ;P

Thanks for spending some precious time reading this, and I hope you'll stop by. I usually don't like self-promotion, but I feel like it needs some work and really want some opinions. Again, thanks, and sorry if I bothered you. Have a great day!! :) ;) :P ;P :D ;D


about 1 month ago Andrea Maller said:

Hi! I'm trying to get feedback on a novel I'm working on called Vision Zero. I would appreciate any and all comments you have about how I could improve it. Sorry if I already asked. Thanks!!!


3 months ago Mercury Winters said:

Hey! This is Mercury- I just came back to Figment after taking a long break. I've been rewriting my novel "The Waiting Room" and have the first chapter up. I would love some feedback on it so far. In exchange, I will happily read or review anything you'd like! Thank you and let me know if you're interested :)

Candy corn

4 months ago Christine Hungerford said:

Hey! Want to join me at my blog: purple1449.wordpress.com? It's just getting started, but if you want to become part of it, let me know on my wall!


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My Reviews

The Little One Who Meowed

(over 1 year ago)

An interesting tale about the universality of wanting to be accepted in all living things. I love the idea of a kitten pre-school and I t... Read More »


(about 3 years ago)

Beautiful. As I'm reading more of you, I'm realizing how great of a poet you are! The part that hit me the most was the grave part. That ... Read More »