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    Hall of Obscurity

    The most important performance of the school year--and they are performing solo instead of together. ((For the July Writing Challenge,…

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    Zoe, an angel, is trying to live her life as a human, because humans are cooler than angels. But when she receives a letter from Heave…

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    Don't Fear the Reaper

    (National Novel Writing Month, 2013 - Will be updated throughout the month.) Henry is a lover of making music remixes, enjoys origa…

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    Chapter Zero

    (NaNoWriMo, 2012 Edition! Will be frequently updated throughout each day.) Books have souls. It is a Narrator's job to run Chapter…

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    Open Midnight - Forever

    On a woman standing outside a graveyard.

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3 months ago Дестини Мишель (Writer) said:

Can you participate in the next challenge (Fiday) or do you oh think you still cannot? Because I'm willing to let you .oce on to the next round even if you don't submit since its a family emergency. But if you don't think you can, then I can eliminate you too.


3 months ago Дестини Мишель (Writer) said:

Hey Cesia! You're a contestant in The Library. I'm here to let you know that you have until tomorrow night at 11 PM PST time (25 hours from now, I believe) to submit it for review! Good luck and be sure to enter!!!


3 months ago Ben Patterson said:

RIGHT. Geez, I almost forgot about that... Well, essentially, in Rory and Finn's story (also Omden's), Asmodeus and the other Lords of the Nine (borrowing them from other lore 'cause I think they're damn cool) seek to gain entry into the world to subjugate and destroy it. Glasya of the Sixth has already arrived, and to help eliminate the threats against their plotting, she enlisted the help of Salanthus, who was promised aid in his conquest of Vanantos and the obliteration of Gornosk and his army, and also the nameless masked horror, who was bribed with the promise that he could spread fear and death on a wide scale. Whoo. That was a mouthful.

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