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  • Af2
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    The Apocalypse's Farmhouse

    In the apocalypse, Marianna's struggle for survival brings her into an alliance, one which seems to have problems aside from the alrea…

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  • Roxanna
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    Roxanna's Revolution

    A skeptical Clark joins a rebellion against the Roxanna Revolution, a far-too-popular movement that will take away what's left of huma…

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  • Mia and fishy
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    The Adventures of Mia and Fishy

    A story I started writing when I was about 9, I decided to make it awesome and fix all those grammar issues and overuse of the words "…

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  • Tww
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    The World of Wars

    Cold-blooded Jade leads a normal, happy life in the "World of Wars", living in the famous peace district of Bellopacem, until the prot…

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  • Thm
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    The Haunted Murderer

    When the conscienceless murderer has nightmares about the girl he killed, his witch friend Skye is suspicious of him having guilt, but…

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  • The mortis domini orb
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    The Mortis Domini Orb

    After a rich girl receives a strange orb, she must protect it... with her life. The alternate beginning of "The Haunted Murderer"(one…

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Talk to me!

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over 3 years ago Ryann Ravenwood said:

Would you like to swap? If so, please read and review/comment on "Falling Into the Third Reich" and I'll do the same to your's. Thanks!

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almost 4 years ago Alisa Lin said:

Swap please? Read In Love: http://figment.com/books/765048-In-Love and I'll read any of yours. It's not half as cliche as it sounds, don't worry :) and it's also a super fast read.


over 4 years ago Julia A said:

Hey! Wanna swap? I loved your story "Ugly Cinderella"! Could you read/heart "Just Keep Swimming" please? Feel free to read any of my other writings! Thanks so much! Spread the word.

Jack lewis

over 4 years ago Jack Lewis said:

Hey I was wondering if you could read my newest poem? It's Titled Rain, A.K.A. Silver Rain. I'll gladly return the favor by reading anything of your choice! Please and Thank You! And if you really like my poem, I would greatly appreciate the follow! Thanks so much!

-Jack Lewis

Profile picture eris

over 4 years ago Eris Blackburn said:

I was wondering if you could read my story for the Eleanor and Park contest 'the Color of Love'. I'm open to swaps so if you want me to read anything, just let me know. Thank you!

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