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over 4 years ago Etta said:

Hey, there! I'm responding to the forum thread you created for free book reviews. I really appreciate all of this free reviewing that you are doing- it helps people like me that are on Figment for actual reviews and advice for their stories, not 'heart swaps'. But those are kinda fun, too. ;) My story is "The Secrets of Moorehaven Manor", and the genre is fantasy, adventure, and mystery (it's a novel-in-progress). Here's the summary from the book's actual page: For teenage Karma Williams, life is about to take a turn for the weird after she is told she must stay with her mother's best friend, Mara Davis, for the summer. But as soon as she steps foot on the front steps of Moorehaven Manor, Karma leaves normal behind- for the paranormal. As secrets are unearthed, she realizes that she wasn't just some visitor: Moorehaven was expecting her. Inside a mansion full of mysterious characters, heart-shattering betrayals, and an ancient entity hell-bent on Karma's death, will she ever make it out alive? ~~Thanks for your time! :D


over 4 years ago Alexis Duong said:

Hi! Can you please check out my finished novel "The Love Game"? The genre is thriller/romance.

It's a story about a boy and girl that are put into the game show called the The Love Game. They are to do intimate things without falling in love and they lose if they do fall in love. There's more twists, but that's all I can tell without spoiling c:


over 4 years ago heather said:

would you check out my story the masquerade? it is 8 mins long, and the genre is mystery.

A story about a masquerade ball held in the Garcia mansion, what happens when an unknown guest arrives?


almost 5 years ago Mackenzie Kelley said:

Hello, I am here to request that you read my story, It's Not Okay, and heart it if you like it. If you do not do free reads then I am perfectly willing to do a swap. Sorry if you are not open to swaps and I just didn't notice it on your page and also sorry if you have already received this message. Happy writing!


about 5 years ago Trina Elisabeth said:

Hey there! Believe it or not, I'm not promoting my own work. :P "Galaxies" by Amelia Jean is a fantastic short story that I think deserves to be a finalist in the Speechless Contest. Please at least take a look at it-you won't regret it, I'm sure. If you really need a read, I'd be willing to read something of similar length in return (not over 1200 words or so). If you decide to check it out, here's a link:

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