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    You Gave me your Revenge

    Boots clinging to the dry sands she pushed forward without much knowledge of where she was going, but only that her legs were stumblin…

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  • Waitingforrom
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    Waiting for my Romeo. Jenna's last words

    (TO BE CONTINUED!) so if there isn't much back story- there is a reason!XD This is my Romeo and Juliet story- a modern version- Roan …

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  • The balcony
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    the Balcony girl

    PlEaSe ReAd! AT LAST! THE BACK STORY TO WAITING FOR MY ROMEO! (please read if you have read the above ^) Jenna is the odd one out…

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  • Killjoy
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    A My Chemical Romance FanFiction

    based on the music video nananananana it isn't very long so far but I felt the need to post it anyway- You thought they were gone Y…

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  • Carved heart
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    The life and Death of Roseanne Parks

    School sucks, Life sucks and then there is the vampires... Roseanne Parks is the brightest girl in her school and she couldn't care l…

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  • The blood eye
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    First blood

    SECOND HALF COMING SOON so far i think it will be a good one. my first vampire story so hopefully it will be good- i think i am g…

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over 3 years ago kas is actually kas said:

"Maybe some folks are alcoholics and others are just voluntary drunks.... Maybe some have drinking problems, while others have problems enough to drink." -George Jones

Savannah Blakely, an alcoholic and a smoker is haunted by her brother's untimely death. She is stuck at a dead end job, and isnt getting any younger. She acts upon a spur the moment decision and drives to Nashville. When she finds a man with connections to a record label, she feels that her life is finally coming together. Of course, she has been wrong many times before.

"Overall, Whiskey, Cigarettes and Something More was a great read. You’ve got something going with this main character, I think. With a strong enough voice, she can turn out to be very intriguing." -Snicker Sneebee

I need YOUR opinion on my novel. Sure I'll swap. Anything 8 minutes and under. :)

Ford mustang

over 3 years ago CeceO (On&off) said:



almost 4 years ago S.A. Saint-Rush said:

Hello again, my oldest friend! Due to no responses in the past couple of months (Plus me being a busy bee), I have decided to reboot Tales Of Another Broken Home, now called Tales Of A Broken Home! Hope you come on again! Please and Thank you!

- Scarlett


almost 4 years ago Writing Fire said:

 photo WritingFire_zps74a15432.jpg


The Capitol is waiting for your arrival! We’re giving you the chance of a lifetime! Come forth brave tributes and honor your districts! You will be rewarded well as a victor, it’s that time again for a male and female to rise out of each district and make them proud! Copy and paste the link below into your browser to be directly transported to the capitol where you can learn how to be your district’s tribute for the 71st Annual Hunger Games! Or you can search for our group under the name WritingFire! We will be waiting to see our brave tributes there!

May your Writing Ever be in Your Favor.


about 4 years ago Allison Rose said:

Hi there! Would you like to have one of your books/groups advertised in National News? National News is a Figment-based newspaper run by high school-age Figgies, and we're happy to promote your materials!

Here's the catch: in return for our advertising services, please help us branch out by recommending our group to three other Figment users. We're currently searching for staff writers.

If you're interested, please feel free to reply on my wall or in the group (which is located here:

Best wishes,

Allison Rose, Co-Business Manager at National News :)

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The Rise and Fall of Rua Gorbachova

(about 6 years ago)

This was a fantastic piece of writing! It was unique and interesting way of telling a story, despite being the un-conventional method of... Read More »

After The Fabulous Killjoys Were Gone

(about 6 years ago)