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  • The last touch
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    The Last Touch

    When minds collide there is no telling what the future could hold.

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  • Dear david
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    Your Almost Wife

    When 9/11 struck the survivors were left with sadness and emptiness.

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  • Dear dieary
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    Dear Dieary

    short horror a young girl with a mental disease

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  • The plastic garden
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    The Plastic Garden

    What happens when you find yourself in too much pain to go on? Do you hide from the world or do you embrace the pain to bring about …

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  • Rebellion
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    Follow a girl lost in the forest and covered in blood as she tries to remember what happened to her.

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  • Happily ever after
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    Happily Ever After

    PLEASE DO NOT READ IN PROCESS OF EDITING based off of the true story of how my grandparents fell in love

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19 days ago Trista said:

Are you the one? RP (based on the show) Please join :)

just copy and past this: http://figment.com/groups/29005-Are-You-The-One-rp- into your browser ! hope to see you there!!

20 people who are living together in Hawaii to find their perfect match. If the 10 men and 10 women are able to correctly choose all ten perfect matches in ten weeks (will not actually be ten weeks), they will gain $1 million to split among them. Each episode the cast will pair up with who they believe their perfect match is to compete in a challenge. The winners of the challenge will go on a date, and have a chance to test their match in the truth booth. The cast members will choose one of the winning couples to go to the truth booth to determine if they are a perfect match or not. This is the only way to confirm matches. Each episode ends with a matching ceremony where the couples will be told how many perfect matches they have, but not which matches are correct


11 months ago Alyss Forret-Noire said:

Hello, pardon my intrusion, but would you like to read my new short story? I would be happy to make this a swap but I know sometimes swaps can be quite annoying.

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about 1 year ago Nivedha G. said:

Hey, Tia! So I read Puppet Master, and I was wondering if you'd like to swap for it? If not, it's okay, consider it a free read. :)


about 1 year ago YsM (offline) said:

Hi! (: Thank you for reading and commenting on one of my works, Crumpled Ball of Paper. I'm glad to hear your thoughts! Actually, there are no superhero references or anything like that; there are only two things: (1) a girl feeling extreme emotions she really wanted to release and (2) symbols/symbolism. Crumpled Ball of Paper isn't the typical story with a plot and everything that's taken literally; it's the kind to be read, understood and interpreted, with a message lingering deep within. (: I'll let you find out what it means. Also, I appreciate the compliments - I'm quite delighted to know it was "extremely well written and beautiful," as you say. Once again, thank you very much! :D


about 1 year ago William Carter said:

Swap, Figletter for Figletter? If you read Dear Mom, then I'll read your letter for the Dear John contest, too. Just let me know on my wall! :D

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Green Goblin

(over 3 years ago)

it was really good but i agree with ur teacher the end just dies i found that the perfect ending would have been at the end of the second... Read More »


(over 3 years ago)

ok i realy didnt like the way u broke up the chapters it kind of broke up whatever flow u might have had also i am so totally confused i ... Read More »