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  • Yinyang icefire
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    Return of Isenfier

    A continuation of my story "The Icefire Crystal." A year after the events of the last book, Isenfier discovers that Firinise is alive,…

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  • Ardas
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    Hero Among the Dragons

    When a spirit of a dead wolf discovers that his sister has been wolf-napped, he must go on a perilous journey with a dragon to rescue …

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  • Dragon
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    The Icefire Crystal

    When a child finds a strange crystal, it starts a chain of events, such as shooting and some mysteries.

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  • Radical_radial
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    The Dragon's Book

    A story about a dragon who stops a war

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12 days ago AnnaBanana said:

Apply to be a prefect now at Harry Potter - The Ultimate Role Play!


12 days ago C.M. Brighid Bachleda said:

I updated a second chapter to A Woman's Adventure called A Woman's Adventure: First Draft...


27 days ago MadCat81 said:

Hey there, are you up for a swap? I'd appreciate it if you could read through my story entitled 'Contempt in the Kingdom'. I'll read anything of yours in turn:) Have a great day!


about 1 month ago addy said:

Hey! Thanks for the follow and heart on my story!

~ addy, xoxo


about 1 month ago AnnaBanana said:

Answering the question from your profile page: A swap is when you review someone's work or give advice, and then they will do it to a piece of your writing too.

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