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10 months ago Kevin Vaudano said:

Done with the swap :) Please read "Unknown People".


10 months ago Josephine said:

Hello Charly, I was wondering if you would like to swap? If so please read my poem, 'Slayer of the Sun', and post on my wall what to read in return. Thanks.


10 months ago Jaigar Julian said:

No worries \o Take your time and review it whenever you can/feel like it. Have a great and stress-free week =)



11 months ago Jaigar Julian said:

Heya there! I went ahead and read "They'll be watching" and i left you a lengthy review of what I thought about it. I'd appreciate it if you could, in turn, check "adversus solem" for me and give me your honest opinion about it. =)

Hope my review helped a bit and I am up for future swaps with ya.


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