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  • Carved heart
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    Dear Best Friend

    For the Poetry Month contest. This is actually written in thought of my best friend... i'll be missing him when he goes into the marin…

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  • Heraldry
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    A False Haze

    Tied for first at Regional fine arts competition. The topic to write on: Circus, Festival, Parade. 2 hour time limit. How'd I do?

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  • Preg teen
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    Accident, Maybe.

    We can try to make any bad experience something helpful, or at least tolerable. Like Savannah. Please heart! It really helps! (Not i…

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  • Dark tunnel
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    There's monsters everywhere. And one that everyone fears.

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  • Girl in rain
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    Tears In The Rain

    Hoping to add more later. Mainly for the PitureContest :D Hope you like it!

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  • Annoyed girl
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    I Hate Needles

    This is for the seventeen contest! If you like it, go ahead and heart it ;) That would be totally awesome of you! Haha! Well, this i…

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over 3 years ago Joshua Stocking said:

Do you wish to openly fellowship with other Christians without having the modern world at your back? If so, it would be a great pleasure if you joined my newly minted group, C.F.T. (Christian Fellowship Thread). No matter the denomination here we all have common ground: our belief in Jesus. Come and enjoy. You won't regret it.

And share the group with others if you like it!

--Joshua Stocking


almost 4 years ago Writing Fire said:

 photo WritingFire_zps74a15432.jpg


The Capitol is waiting for your arrival! We’re giving you the chance of a lifetime! Come forth brave tributes and honor your districts! You will be rewarded well as a victor, it’s that time again for a male and female to rise out of each district and make them proud! Copy and paste the link below into your browser to be directly transported to the capitol where you can learn how to be your district’s tribute for the 71st Annual Hunger Games! Or you can search for our group under the name WritingFire! We will be waiting to see our brave tributes there!

May your Writing Ever be in Your Favor.


over 4 years ago Micaela Rich said:

It doesnt matter if you are TEEM PEETA or TEAM GALE! Either way i need your help! I entered the fanfic contest with my story "To Loose an Arrow and I am way behind on gathering hearts. Think you could help me out? Please read and heart my story and post on my wall what you would like me to read in return. Free reads are always appreciated considering I am pressed for time. Thanks a bunch and MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR!


over 4 years ago Sarah Spradlin said:


over 4 years ago Doris Hall said:

Kelly, I miss you!

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My Reviews

The Next Day

(over 4 years ago)

Very well written, the tense seem to stay the same, and it leaves the questions in your head, "What happened?", "Who is this?", "What was... Read More »

Love is not enough

(over 5 years ago)

It could definitely use a nice proofreading, but all in all I like it. I can see that you swap between talking to him, and talking to us.... Read More »