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over 1 year ago Christie Xiong said:

When you have the chance, can you read http://figment.com/books/309862-Without-Words? It's been awhile since I've written so my writing's a bit rusty and I'd much appreciate it if you could do a review and critic it:)


over 2 years ago Emily Anne said:

Hi! I feel bad about this, but I'm practically begging for hearts right now. My short story The Photographs of a Previous Life is entered in the Summer Romance contest. I'm not asking you to read it simply heart it. I understand if you don't, but thank-you in advanced if you do!

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over 2 years ago Rawnie the Braveheart said:

Hey interested in my story “Bye Bye Baby”? Based on the Ramones song this is my entry for a contest. So wanna swap? Please give me your feedback and heart and I will do the same! (Sorry if you don’t swap or I already asked!)

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over 2 years ago Zakura Wolfe said:

Hey there stranger! I’ve entered my 500 word short story 1-001 in the Patterson Contest and I desperately want to win as the prize money will allow me to be able to publish my first novel The Red Dragon (self-publishing is expensive!)

Anyway, if you would like to swap I won’t refuse, but if you would be willing to give me a free read I would be very thankful as you can be sure I will have my hands full with swaps for the next few weeks as I try to up my chances of winning. Just please remember I have several swaps to finish and that I most likely won’t be able to get to yours right away, but I PROMISE I will get to it.

I WILL NOT however swap for other Patterson Contest entries since I am trying to win.

If you dislike these copy/paste things I really apologize, but I have a lot to say and little time to type it out every time. If, also, you don’t swap or I’ve posted this before you may ignore this and I apologize again for wasting your time and comment space.

Thank you so much for your time! I know this is a long message, but I hope you will forgive me because I really want to win this.

**Please post on my wall what you would like for a swap, not in my book’s comments**


over 2 years ago Alyssa Bolt said:

Hi! Care for a swap? Please read my quick story “THE GOLDEN MASK” or “What if…” (they’re the same; the title may have changed by the time you’re reading this message)! I apologize if you don’t swap or if you’ve already gotten this message. Thank you so much for your time, and have a great day! (: Sincerely, Alyssa Bolt

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