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  • Emberheart cover
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    Ember Heart

    Ten years ago, when Alyssa was six, her family died a horrible death. Only her and her twin brother, Ben, remain. She must find out wh…

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  • Notyourordinarygirl cover
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    Not your Ordinary Girl

    Hope has a secret. She doesn't know what will happen to her if she's found out. Will they accept her? Will they shun her? There's only…

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  • Romance
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    Romance on the Beach

    A little romance novel i wrote! COVER BY EMILY JONES (thank u)

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Brown haired blue eyed

22 days ago LeChevalierRoland said:

Hey :) Would you like to swap? If you could read "Pounds of Pressure" that would be great ^_^. It only takes two minutes.

Erika (4)

about 1 month ago Katnoire said:

thanks for the coment on my spy story i really apreciate that you liked it :)


2 months ago Paige Johnson said:

Hey, I'm promoting my story Brat. The first ch is about 7 mins. Would you care to do a comment/rev swap? Lemme know. Thanks.


2 months ago Sophia Edwards said:

Hey! Would you be interested in a swap? If so, could you read however much you want (at least Prologue and Ch.1 please) of A Wielder's Trials?

I'll read however much you want (of equal length) of yours. Just tell me if you're interested!


3 months ago Tasha said:

For some odd and off the wall reason I decided to start working on Hellish Fun again.. it isn't a masterpiece or anything like that but none of my other books push me like that one... Someone wants a POV for the Dad in 'It Started' and I don't know how to do that so I can't work on that book. I guess I want to maybe laugh at what I know some may say about the next chapter on Hellish Fun

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better than baby shoes

(about 1 month ago)

as for chapter: soil. i think it really has artistic meaning thank you so so much for writing this... Read More »

better than baby shoes

(3 months ago)

ABSOLUTELY BEAUTFIUL!!!!!!!! this is so amazing!!! i love how relatable megatron is bc of their realistic reaction! im sure i would say '... Read More »