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    Based off of Stephen Lynch's song Waiting. It is for my best friend on the site and how it feels to constantly wait for her to post.

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    Writing Samples

    Just in case you want to see if I'm good enough. Some of the samples may contain references to other characters because these are post…

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about 2 years ago A.J Jennings said:

There are 4 counties with different cultures, They have been at the verge of war for centuries but no country has had the guts to go at one another...until now. The newly crowed King of Miradoni attacked the small town of Mauteaux that's on the border of Astelle. The Queen of Astelle is well...pissed and has officially declared war on Miradoni. The other countries, Pranna and Cressi don't know if they want to make alliances or to stay out of it. But neither side will win without an alliance. All countries are having problems. Pranna's is the poorest and going south, Cressi is dealing with a poor harvest, Astelle is dealing with a a hurricane that caused alot of damage to the cities around the sea, and Miradoni is dealing with a confident and power hungry new king. Will Cressi and Pranna make alliances?Or stay neutral? Who will win this war?


about 2 years ago Lila The Sweet said:

The RP has started!

15 - 1

about 2 years ago Empress Wu (Off) said:


about 2 years ago Therion said:

Thank you for joining.


over 3 years ago Ray Carty said:

can you do me a favor and read my new poem for me as always i will return le favor....its called rainy days

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