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    Happy Holidays

    Some fun short stories for the season.

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  • Fire love
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    Fire Love

    A boy that has the power of a raging campfire. He works for a man that took him in as a boy. A girl that has the power of a forest fir…

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  • The arrow (1)
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    The Arrow

    An adventure of love and friendship. A group of strong and fast teens makes a group called the order of the arrows. To fight the murde…

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  • The snow's secret
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    The Snow's Secret

    A girl named Zilla Snow. Is staying with a friend after a terrible event. She starts noticing strange things. That lead to the terribl…

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  • The pickle who wanted a war
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    The Pickle That Wanted A War

    King Dill of the Pickle kingdom is challenged by Sir Pickle-a-lot. The war is short but who will win?

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  • Jungle
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    King Dill's Adventure

    King Dill from "The Pickle That Wanted A War" is bored from the lack of action is told by another pickle to go the outer edge. But fin…

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about 1 month ago Coral Vaci said:

UPDATE ON FIG - Underlined is going to keep Figment live until the end of the year! (12/31) We have been given an EXTRA month!

Please Read:

Also, read this thread on figment to ask questions and make suggestions to Team U! -->

Please spread the word! Figment has been given more time!


about 1 month ago Haley Kissell said:

Hi there! It's been brought to my attention (and those on the site) that Figment is shutting down. It's incredibly saddening for me to hear that since this was my first writing site. I'm sending this message out to all of my followers that I will be going to Underlined in the transition if you want to keep following me and my stories. Thanks for following me on Figment and I hope to see you in the transition.

Before we all leave Figment I was wondering if there would be any interest in my doing an author Q&A (where I answer some questions that my followers ask me)?

Thank you for your time! Keep writing and keep fighting!


Me silly hat

2 months ago Hannah Rose said:

Yea I'd love to. You can review whatever you want, but I'm especially looking for reviews on Harper's City of Silence.

Me silly hat

2 months ago Hannah Rose said:

Hey sorry I haven't been getting notifications recently so I just saw your comment on my profile. I would love to swap if your still up for it!


2 months ago Brody Ziegler said:

Could you read scabbed lips ?

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Harper's City of Silence

(about 1 month ago)

Sorry, I wrote the review while signed into my other account Shadow. Read More »


(2 months ago)

It's cool how you put so much power behind your words. Read More »