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  • Fire love
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    Fire Love

    A boy that has the power of a raging campfire. He works for a man that took him in as a boy. A girl that has the power of a forest fir…

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  • The arrow (1)
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    The Arrow

    An adventure of love and friendship. A group of strong and fast teens makes a group called the order of the arrows. To fight the murde…

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  • The snow's secret
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    The Snow's Secret

    A girl named Zilla Snow. Is staying with a friend after a terrible event. She starts noticing strange things. That lead to the terribl…

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  • The pickle who wanted a war
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    The Pickle That Wanted A War

    King Dill of the Pickle kingdom is challenged by Sir Pickle-a-lot. The war is short but who will win?

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  • Jungle
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    King Dill's Adventure

    King Dill from "The Pickle That Wanted A War" is bored from the lack of action is told by another pickle to go the outer edge. But fin…

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  • Whiteout
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    Two girls coming home from a party gets stuck in a snowstorm. Will they make it out alive?

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Me silly hat

1 day ago Hannah Rose said:

Yea I'd love to. You can review whatever you want, but I'm especially looking for reviews on Harper's City of Silence.

Me silly hat

2 days ago Hannah Rose said:

Hey sorry I haven't been getting notifications recently so I just saw your comment on my profile. I would love to swap if your still up for it!


6 days ago Brody Ziegler said:

Could you read scabbed lips ?


7 days ago Brody Ziegler said:

What would you like read?


8 days ago Brody Ziegler said:

Would you like to swap?

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(6 days ago)

It's cool how you put so much power behind your words. Read More »

The Lonely Dark

(11 months ago)

I thought that this story was really interesting. I loved how it was told. Also, I loved the characters. The setting could use some more ... Read More »