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23 days ago Christian Morrison said:

It shouldn't be too bad. I don't know what you're shadowing, but I imagine it won't be as bad as you might think it is. It is unnerving without parents, but the work place (in my experience) always has at least one person who is willing to help you understand what you're doing or could end up doing.

But, anyway, I wish you the best of luck with your job shadowing! ;D

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23 days ago Christian Morrison said:

I'm just stressed, but the weekend's almost here. I think I've had three different projects due within three days, plus an extra long assignment due tomorrow... A lot of stuff. But other than school, I'm doing pretty good!

How about you? How are you?

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24 days ago Christian Morrison said:

Hm...I think I may be on this page a little much if I'm seeing my profile picture as the last four comments...

Anyway, I just wanted to check in and say hey and see if I owed you any other reviews. I just want to make sure I didn't miss anybody on my list. I find myself relying almost completely on the list, so I thought I'd come by and see if I owed you any other reviews.

So yeah...I hope you're having a great day and a good time with your writing!

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27 days ago Christian Morrison said:

Disregard the question I asked before. I saw that "Under Our Skin" is a short story. My mind doesn't exactly pick up everything very quickly XD.

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28 days ago Christian Morrison said:

Hey Brynai! (Hey, that rhymes XD ) Anyway, I've finally gotten around to reviewing you "Under Our Skin" book (Well, the review will be up as soon as I'm done typing this). I do have a question, though: Is "Under Our Skin" a WIP (Work In Progress)? I would like to know, as I have a list of books I'm reviewing, and if your book is a WIP, I don't want to take it off that list and not finish reviewing it. Just leave a comment on my profile with your answer and anything else you feel like saying.

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