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    Story written by: Luke Collins. R.I.P. I decided to publish it for him and see how well he did.

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    My Best Friend

    A poem for my best friend who passed away about a month ago in a terrible accident. I hope I see him again. :'(

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    Heart's Desire

    The river is my favorite place to be and now one of the most saddest I've ever been to. I lost my best friend that day and I'll never …

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    Superman's Daughter: The Untold Story

    Clark Kent didn't realize he had a daughter until he ran into his ex girlfriend at the coffee shop with a teenage girl. Sixteen years …

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    My Last Breath

    WARNING: LANGUAGE AND FOUL CONTENT! ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK! Eric Crofter is bullied, made fun of and hated by everyone. Doesn't everyo…

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    The Bleeding Heart

    Nick Dragon has a crush on a girl from down the road, a beautiful one. But he's scared to talk to her in case he makes a fool out of h…

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6 days ago Christine Hungerford said:

What's up? Do you want to swap with me?

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8 days ago AnnaBanana said:

Hey, Fellow Figgie!

I just wanted to tell you about our group,Creative Advice! We have advice, friends, our VERY OWN NEWSPAPER, and more! Click our name above!!

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9 days ago A. G. Austin said:

Swap? If so pls read: "Little things in Life"

Be warned: I will give you a review about the same length as yours about my story. Also I will only read about the same length as my story.

-A. G. Austin

PS: Sorry if you have already gotten this, or if you don't like swaps


11 days ago StayStrong_16 said:

Hey there! I'm sorry for my late response! I just saw your post on my wall in relation to the stop bullying group. In response to your inquiry, you can just describe the situation to me and I can try to give you the best advice to solve it. If it is on here that the bullying is occurring, I can take care of it. Please let me know. Thanks! -StayStrong_16


15 days ago Emma said:

Hi, can you please join the group Last Writer Standing? Ever since the admin's account was deleted, we need members bad. If the link doesn't work, please enter it in your search bar.

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