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    Little Black Book

    A collection of short stories and other things *~*The story in this collection changes from time to time to get different feedback…

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about 17 hours ago NEF Castuera said:

Sure no problem! Please read Whispers of the Night in return. I'd love to hear your thoughts about it. Thanks so much, have a nice day.:)


3 days ago Audie White said:

Read as much as you want! Hopefully you're drawn in enough to want to finish the first chapter, but if not, just read about three minutes worth. I really don't mind, I'm just looking for any type of feedback.


7 days ago Audie White said:

Hi! Care to swap? If so, I could use some feedback on the first chapter of my story, "Heartbreak Hotel". It's about a ten minute read as of right now. If you're interested, just let me know what you'd like me to read.


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On My Way

(3 days ago)

This hurt, just readying it hurt my heart. The rhyme scheme held up very well and even helped the story in many different ways. Very beau... Read More »

Little Black Book

(7 days ago)

*~* The story has been updated *~* Read More »