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  • Photograph of you
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    Photograph of You

    A work in progress about two people who's lives were so incredibly different to be so intertwined. This is essentially the aftermath o…

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  • Where one calls home
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    The strong walls that house Annaline Harris, her daughter, Maycee, and her disturbed mother perhaps holds more than the family's see…

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  • The girl in blue
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    The Girl In Blue

    In 1933, two freight trains on separate tracks dismantled each other. Now, nearly sixty years since, controversy still surrounds the i…

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  • Littledipper
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    Little Dipper

    For Ruby ✿ ✿ __________________ Please note I do not have the extensive background on NCL as doctors and specialists do. The notes i…

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  • Red_abstract
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    With Eyes Like Windows

    One thought escaped from my own twisted mind.

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  • Red_abstract
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    Your Dilemma

    When it becomes complicated...

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Talk to me!

20170513_114616 (3)

18 days ago Ellie Williams | UNAVAILABLE said:

You're fine! School always comes first, period. I hope you do well on your exams! It's been a joy having you in this competition, and I look forward to future seasons with you participating. =]


20170513_114616 (3)

25 days ago Ellie Williams | UNAVAILABLE said:

Congratulations on getting in! While I am sad to hear it, I completely understand. My theory is this: we already have to eliminate one writer at the end of this round. If you want to participate in this round, receive the feedback and everything else, I am completely fine with you staying on. If you, for sure, cannot continue beyond this round, then we will simply have you as our "eliminated" writer at the end of it. However, if you think it'll be too much for you to complete this round's entry, then I will respect your decision to bow out now. It's up to you, though. Just let me know which route you want to take, and I will accept it and inform the other judges. =]

20170513_114616 (3)

27 days ago Ellie Williams | UNAVAILABLE said:

Attention Figgy Idol contestant,

We are back on track! It only took us several rounds, but we finally made it happen. The dates in the calendar are current and will stand (unless we fall behind again). In other news, the results from round seven have been posted, and round eight's prompt has been revealed. Head on over to the Figgy Idol group for more information. See you there!



about 1 month ago Becka Plitt said:

Hey Sekerya, I just wanted to stop by and apologize for not being able to get back with you about your story. I had a lot going on yesterday and today and just didn't get a good chance to sit down and take a look at your piece. Best of luck.

20170513_114616 (3)

about 1 month ago Ellie Williams | UNAVAILABLE said:

Hello, Figgy Idol contestant!

I finally have the results from round six posted. Unfortunately, we had to make our first true elimination decision since round two; did you survive the cut? For those of you who made it through, round seven has now been posted! Please head on over to the group for all the details.

Good luck!


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i remember

(5 months ago)

To start, I think you captured the ideas of depression very easily; the transition from internal pain to needing physical pain. While I'v... Read More »

Hazard (NANOWRIMO 2016)

(6 months ago)

I've read the first three chapters so far, and I like the consistency of Avery's attitude. To me, she seems as though she doesn't want to... Read More »