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    I'm definitely not a poet, but this is something I wrote a while ago. It's awkward and the writing is immature compared to my fiction/…

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    To Véra

    This is a somewhat well-read but disappointingly unblossomed poem about my wet, hot love.

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over 1 year ago Lauren O. said:

You're a great writer!! I love your work, and I don't mean to sound authoritative with my suggestion, but I honestly think you should consider making a career out of this. Your words are beautiful, and deserve to be shared, if you so choose.


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Blue Sky Dream

(4 months ago)

I had a hard time with this. The plot is ok but the writing is not the greatest. I think you're having some trouble with verb tense and p... Read More »

Four More Days

(over 1 year ago)

Pretty good. I'd agree with the grammar suggestions that have already been given. I'd also suggest using stronger verbs in certain areas,... Read More »