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  • One regret
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    One Regret

    One regret In a sea aplenty One regret I close my eyes to see *Cover by Lizzy http://figment.com/users/511853-Lizzy

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  • Penguin
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    One in Misery

    Dropping into the abyss/Hold onto the desire to Rouge spills like petals/Catch his hand *This is a poem meant for two. The bold fo…

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  • Tripping over love cover
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    Tripping Over Love

    Timo trips and falls right into a love confession. How will Berwald react?

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  • Never enough
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    Never Enough

    My heart was shattered Battered by you: The one I trusted To hold it close Raise it up, Not tear it down Or break it apart. *C…

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  • 2rm126v
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    50 Different Loves

    I love The rain pounding The ink staining The music coursing in my veins *Cover by The One and Only http://figment.com/users/4538…

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  • Adoration official cover two
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    What words will you speak When next we meet? *Amazing cover by The One and Only http://figment.com/users/453878-The-One-And-Only-

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6 days ago Lizzi said:

I was wondering if you would like to swap? If so please read the first chapter of my newest project "Pink Lemonade" and leave an honest opinion about it along with whatever you would like me to read in response. have a blessed rest of your day xoxo ~Lizzi


11 days ago MadCat81 said:

Hey! Would you like to swap? I'll read anything of yours, and if could read (some, you dont have to read all) my story 'Contempt in the Kingdom' that would be awesome!:) Have a great day!


21 days ago Cynthia Silver☾✯ said:

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25 days ago The One And Only said:

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Picmonkey collage

about 1 month ago Ignorant To Life said:

Interested in CONTESTS to help further your writing abilities or creating a contest??

Interested in COVERS to accessorize your stories, or making covers?

Interested in REVIEWS to help critique multiple elements in current works, or being a reviewer?

Interested in SWAPS?

If you said "YES" to any of these questions, please join "Contests, Covers, Reviews, and More..."! We'd love to have you, you amazing Figgie!

Contests, Covers, Reviews, and More...

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My Reviews

The House of Francois Mortimer

(3 months ago)

First off, I would like to say that you wrote an intriguing first line. It feels very obvious. I also like the way that you keep repeatin... Read More »


(3 months ago)

First off, I would like to say that I greatly enjoyed the last stanza. It felt very lyrical and one would naturally assume this is meant ... Read More »