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10 days ago Lilah said:

Aiden P: Hello! I collect coins and of course have a deep interest for them. I wouldn't mind being a moderator, just tell me what you need and I'll get on it.


14 days ago Aiden P said:

Also would you like to be a moderator for the group? Were in dire need for another. --Thanks! ---The Group Creator Aiden


14 days ago Aiden P said:

Hi! Thanks for joining the group! Do you collect coins? Or do you just have an interest in them?

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25 days ago Lilah said:

Dear, MaryAnn thanks for the warm welcome! I would love some reviews on my works, and I would gladly review your stories.

Your goal is definitely achievable, and I'm glad you came to me to help that goal! I will definitely look into your group, as I collect Half Dollars!

My greatest apologies for the late response! -Lilah

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25 days ago Lilah said:

Dear The Golden Pineapple: I would love to swap! Please tell me which story you'd like to review, and I will give you one of mine. Thanks! -Lilah

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