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8 days ago NF Christine said:

yeah same here! But it's really nice when you can say good honestly. I'm trying not to be a liar snce that's what my parents think I am.

Awww! You should talk to him though! Still- guys like confident girls ;) At least.. wave to him or smile or say hi next time! :)

Yeah, lol a lot of times I'll remind someone of a disney character. Especially in choir. I'm soprano so I'll sing a smooth note that sounds like a 10 year old and my teacher will randomly sing out, "Dissneeey Prinnccceesss..." And look at me saying it. She's fun.

hmmmmmmm.... anything new... well... no not really. Just stressing over school and other things, but that's typical. Wbu?

YAY! How did it go??? You need to tell me everything about your school! Aww! That's awesome! I'm glad you made a friend! :)


9 days ago Lauren Fricke said:


I just wanted to let you know that "Figgie Fighter Contests" has both a short story and poetry contest going on! Hope to see you enter these and in the new contests coming each month!


9 days ago Roanoke Wilde said:

Ello back! I'm fine. Been writing some. ;)

What about you? :P

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9 days ago Naki Lashiva said:

Hey, thanks for the heart :D

Better one

10 days ago September Edenshaw said:


Heya, Figgie reader! I see you've come to read these bunch of information. READ ON!

• I shall try to update my "old" novels, such as "The Stolen Heir" and "The Royal Crystal Academy", but not as often as "The Memoirs Of A Psychic Person".

• I will still write poems, but not that frequent.

• I shall advertise every Weekend. I'm an admin and head advertiser in Ambiance, a Figgie Newsletter.

• I'm not open to swaps yet, because I'm going to be busy these days. Sheesh. But if you really need it, I'll find some time for it.

• I can't be active on weekdays anymore 'coz school's starting and I'm getting all nervous and excited that my fingers are doing the Irish jig. XP I'll be in a new school, new community, new country, new friends... What else could go wrong?!

• I can't wait to have my YELLOW BELT in Taekwondo!!! The grading's in a few weeks, so I have to train HARD. • And thanks for reading this! The welcome banner was made by my Figgie friend, Irene Grey. She's brilliant and kind. Thank you, again, for reading this.

• Oh, I delete comments after reading them so that my profile looks clean. I hope I don't offend you. :)

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