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    Ash x reader (Black Butler)

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    Black Butler x reader

    This is an anime x reader. I couldn't resist! I was looking thru the anime tagged stories and couldn't find 1 x reader! So I will make…

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    My Mysterious Love

    This is like all my other x readers except.... I made the characters. I guess you could say its like a Mystic Messenger/Ouran High Sc…

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    Day Dream

    This story is based on my Wattpad story. I cant get on wattpad anymore so I will do it on here. It will go on until i get blocked then…

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    Kidnapped (iplier x reader)

    *Beep* *Classic music starts playing* *Female voice* You have just moved to LA. Your new home going to live in a wonderful apartment. …

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    Five Nights at Mark's: FNAM X Reader

    This is a story if my 2 fav thing FNAF and youtubers lol. If you don't know who rebelwilson is she my friend. You go to my account and…

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17 days ago Anthony Squires said:

Literally every single one


17 days ago Anthony Squires said:

It's kind of depressing that I watch every single one of the anime that you listed


2 months ago CountryGal said:

IO!! It's your country girl besty! ya need to get to my new group for books of fanfic I already have already all of my books on there XD


4 months ago Baron said:



5 months ago Paige Johnson said:

Hey, I'm promoting my story Brat. The first ch is about 7 mins. Would you care to do a comment/rev swap? Lemme know. Thanks. (I used to be obsessed with Markiplier when Slenderman games first came out c:)

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Just a Tutor

(2 months ago)

I'm not a expert at this and I know there is only one part but you know i just want to put this is the best book I have read so far becau... Read More »