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    Talea: Between Worlds

    A part of Talea, she never knew of, was missing. The presence of a long-forgotten memory ignites an intense, passion that she is deter…

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9 days ago A.R. Williams said:

Hello! I read your book and made a comment. Sorry for getting back to you so late!

-A.R. Williams


10 days ago A.R. Williams said:

Hello! I am new to figment and I was wondering if you would like to swap? I have only one story and I am wondering if you can review and critique it for me? I would love to do the same for you piece! Thank you, have a good day/night!

-A.R. Williams


24 days ago MadCat81 said:

Hey there, are you up for a swap? I'd appreciate it if you could read through my story entitled 'Contempt in the Kingdom'. Have a great day!:)


30 days ago Becca Fox said:

Thanks for the heart and the follow!


about 1 month ago Andrea Maller said:

Hi! I'm trying to get feedback on a novel I'm working on called Vision Zero. I would appreciate any and all comments you have about how I could improve it. Sorry if I already asked. Thanks!!!

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Seekers of the Luveric Instruments

(10 days ago)

The description of the book sounds like it is going to be an exciting book to read, the detail was amazing. I enjoyed reading what you ha... Read More »

Contempt in the Kingdom

(23 days ago)

You have a great idea in mind. I have always enjoyed fantasy of mostly any type. I think that this story has a lot of potential! I am a l... Read More »