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Clary frost

4 months ago Clary Frost said:

Thank you for the heart on "I See You"! Happy writing!


6 months ago Cece_Writes said:

Hey! Do you do swaps? If so, could you read Nails And Bones With Their Broken Souls? The two chapters would be fine. I'll read any two chapters/two works of yours. Thanks!


11 months ago Roanoke Wilde said:

HELLO, FAIR FIGGIES!!! I'd like to introduce you to a group that was created not long ago by the name of Characters Within Us. It's rather lonely there, and we were hoping we could get some more members to join. What do you do there? Why that's simple! Characters Within Us is a group where you focus solely on your beloved characters (villains included). There you can role-play, build them up, get advice from fellow writers, chat amongst yourselves, and, later, if we get enough members, we might even be able to have some contests *wiggles eyebrows at you*. This a a great place to be able to interact with people just like you, and it can be especially good for people not sure how to write that “perfect” character.

If you're interested, please stop on by! We would love to meet you! Introduce yourself, and you can immediately become a part of the activities. Also, we would love input from you! If you need anything or dislike anything, then just tell us. Thanks for spending some of your precious time to read this, we know how busy writers can be. We look forward to seeing you and your characters! :) ;) :P ;P :D ;D

Sorry if you've already gotten this! :/

Clary frost

about 1 year ago Clary Frost said:

Thank you for the heart/reaction on "Punching Bag"! Happy writing!

Clary frost

about 1 year ago Clary Frost said:

Thank you for the reaction on "Wilting" and for the follow! Happy writing!

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