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    The year is... what is the year? It's become hard to keep track. Nothing so trivial as the date matters. Not in war. The GMHs--Genetic…

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  • Flirt-with-death-rough2
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    Flirting With Death

    Flirting With Death: The Modern Television Audience's Obsession With Crime Shows.…

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  • Omg...
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    Handcuffed: A Quarter Quell Story

    What if President Snow had accepted Katniss' act? What if no rebellion in 8 ocurred? What if Katniss and Peeta went back to their live…

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  • Voldy
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    The Riddle of Riddle

    Full Title: The Riddle of Riddle: Why it's Not Entirely His Fault Author: Me, AKA Cover image: https://…

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    A Pirates' Widow's Lullaby

    Original song by me, for my story Captive In His Eyes, but I loved it so much, I decided I had to post it as another work as well :) I…

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  • Heavensbeecorrespondance
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    The Heavensbee Correspondance

    For the epistolarious contest! This is a series of letters from Plutarch Heavensbee, future Head Gamemaker, to his mother. It's set t…

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about 1 year ago AkujiAmara-Death said: Creatures, Gods, Goddesses, they have all ventured too far away from the human world. They have to respect or understanding of the way they live. A greater being, the creator of the gods, Chaos, has brought down his power again, sending these Gods down to the humans Earth. He changes them to the size of humans and cut there powers in half, limiting them. He then enrolls them in a highschool, wanting them to learn the customs and ways humans work hard with only their brains and physical strength.

Cute babie animals

over 1 year ago Aimee Faith said:

Hi, it's Aimee. I would love it if you took some time to read my books and hopefully heart them. Thanks so much, Aimee.


over 2 years ago julia isabelle said:

hahaha fine..... Have fun studying and good luck on the exams :)




over 2 years ago julia isabelle said:

Haha well every time you go on your profile you loose!! And... don't look now... but you just lost. Again. XD


over 2 years ago julia isabelle said:

Hey.... I feel like your account might not be that active... But you seem super coooool (especially since you like the hunger games....) and I'm going to make you loose the game too as payback. :)

Just wanted to say hi!

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Around and About

(almost 6 years ago)

That bloody part better not be about you, so help me....! Read More »

Really Good Coffee

(almost 7 years ago)

I finished the whole story - it was really good! I like how you did it from girl and booy points of view; good job there. The whole story... Read More »