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    To be different in a genetically controlled community means a life of ridicule, hate, and injustice-the life of a deviant.

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    The Traveler's Companion

    After each death, the traveler takes on a new persona in the cycle. Two thousand years of reincarnating. Eight souls in the traveler. …

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    Mandela On The 308

    This isn't a normal writing style that I use and it's a bit confusing, but I just like letting the story flow

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    Strange Fruit

    Strange Fruit chronicles a seven year period in the life of Amelia Forester as the first signs of a deadly Appereto outbreak begin to …

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    This is not a romance story.

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    I scribbled this on a notebook page the last night I was ever in my childhood home.

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2 days ago Ava Snow said:

Hey do you still care for a swap. I saw the post you left on my board a few days ago.

P.S- I actually just say mama mia a week ago and im literally obsess!!!! ***cue in an ABBA song****


4 days ago Talia 'Tal' M. said:

I don't know what a culvers is, I don't think we have them here in NY lol. But actually, our minimum wage here is $11! But my boss can get away with paying me $8.75 because we're off the books so :/ I'm still grateful I have a paying job, but it's kind of unfair because I know my coworker gets paid $10 an hour because she has seniority over me, even though I'm there a year now :/


5 days ago Talia 'Tal' M. said:

Alas, I suck at responding yet again. I'm sorry, yet again. I was just trying to enjoy the remnants of my work vacay, today I sadly go back to selling my soul for $8.75 an hour. What's your new job anyway?


5 days ago Paige Johnson said:

Hey, I'm promoting my story Brat. The first ch. is 7 mins. Would you care to do a rev/comment swap? Lemme know. Thanks. C:


6 days ago Saleena Nival said:

Hi! Would you like to swap? If so, please read my story Arc and leave a comment or review telling me what you think. If you deem me worthy, a follow is always appreciated. Let me know on my wall what you'd like me to read and I'll get right to it! Thanks and have a great day.

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(10 days ago)

First off, Nicolette Stone is an awesome name. Makes me think of Diana Prince or Katherine Pierce for some reason. I just really like whe... Read More »

See? I'm Smiling.

(10 days ago)

So this is fanfiction about something I don't really know about, which I think is good because I get to look at it without any previous o... Read More »