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  • All my heart
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    All My Heart(A Kellic Fanfic)

    Kellin Quinn is the outcast,the unwanted kid with the musical talent and then Vic Funtes comes along what will happen.

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  • Arrow of my heart
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    Arrow Of My Heart (A Daryl Dixon Fanfic)

    Victoria has been through alot of crap before this new world started and then she finds Rick and Glenn and joins their group and soon …

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  • You're invited to an
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    Hey There Christine

    Christine and Tom have been best friends for as long as they can remember until Christine has to move to New York and two years later…

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  • My dear brielle (1)
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    My Dear Brielle

    Brielle and Newt were the best of friends and then Newt is expelled.Years later they find eachother again,will they love eachother or …

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2 days ago Nick Meraglio said:

Sorry for the long long wait lol but Chapter 2 of "Worst Dayz" is officially up and ready for your enjoyment :) lol


13 days ago Nick Meraglio said:

Gonna be working on pet two of "Worst dayz" soon


about 1 month ago Nick Meraglio said:

Read my story "worst Dayz" if you'd like...I think you'd like it haha


about 1 month ago Nick Meraglio said:

Oh lol that's cool what band? Lol


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(about 1 month ago)

I really loved the two different perspectives of the story because it gave you this feeling like you would never feel and that's remorse ... Read More »

Don't Go, Please Stay

(12 months ago)

Such a good story please write more!!I love it so much and the end seems just like Jack. Read More »