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about 1 month ago Haley Kissell said:

Hi there! It's been brought to my attention (and those on the site) that Figment is shutting down. It's incredibly saddening for me to hear that since this was my first writing site. I'm sending this message out to all of my followers that I will be going to Underlined in the transition if you want to keep following me and my stories. Thanks for following me on Figment and I hope to see you in the transition.

Before we all leave Figment I was wondering if there would be any interest in my doing an author Q&A (where I answer some questions that my followers ask me)?

Thank you for your time! Keep writing and keep fighting!


Sam full (1)

about 1 month ago Sysanet said:


Just letting all of my followers know they can find me on Wattpad {Sysanet}, ArchiveofourOwn{Sysanet}, & tumblrs {BasttheLightGoddess}{SekmettheDarkGoddess}.

You can also reached my via Discord Sysanet#6259 & Skype via Sysanet.

Thanks for following me and hope to keep in touch. ^^

Aliceb5 (1)

about 1 month ago Coral Vaci said:

I'm sorry to bring these news but Figment is officially going to shut down.

Read this: http://dailyfig.figment.com/figment-is-getting-a-new-home-on-underlined/

(If the link doesn't work then it's on the figment home page, "Figment is getting Underlined.")


2 months ago The Wordsmith said:

I just read your reviews on Elie and the Crimson Stone and realized I might have had a swap open with you! Which chapters did you want me to read?


2 months ago Mariella Baird said:

Hello fellow writer!

My name is Mariella and I have recently created a society for like-minded and focused individuals. Do you take your writing seriously and want it to play an important role in your future? If so, please consider applying to The Silver Society. To join, simply go to my profile and the group is right at the top of my group list. Have a fantastic evening!

Well regards, Ms. Mariella Baird

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