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3 days ago G. Francis said:

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3 days ago Ritu said:

Hello there Elizabeth!

I am Ritu the newly appointed prefect for Gryffindor in Harry Potter-The Ultimate Role Play. This message is to inform you that I want our house to be more interactive with other users and that we can have a lot of fun and play new games! I am commenting on your profile because I want the members of our house to give me suggestions for the next chat or games! Please comment on my profile about any suggestion for chat and games that comes to your mind and let me know. It would be fun to do them!

Hope I didn't bother you and we can be an amazing house in the future that stands out from others!

Have an amazing week! Be happy, stay kind and spread positiveness!

From Ritu (Gryffindor Prefect)

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8 days ago Trinity Aster(hiatus) said:

Hey there, long time no chat. Some how NaNoWriMo and all the holidays combined, have managed to steal all my time.

How are you?


12 days ago AnnaBanana said:

Apply to be a prefect now at Harry Potter - The Ultimate Role Play!


12 days ago NF Kris said:

Hello my fellow poets! Do you ever feel lost in words? Have you ever wondered if there were people just like you? Well- here we'll all come together and share our heartfelt poetry!

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