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  • New cover
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    Intacta Imperium

    NOTE: This is the newly rewritten version of my previous work, "Figura Mutante". Trinity never understood why she could never make …

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  • Transplant
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    My entry for the Figgie Fighters September Short Story Contest. (Just a note: I stink at writing romance, so...yeah. I know it's not m…

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  • Girl fading away cover
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    When They Fade

    Have you ever had an imaginary friend? Ever thought about how they might not be so imaginary after all? Meet Liss Quie, a Spero, Hero …

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    Just a collection of poems written in some of my darkest moments. Even though it's in poetry form, it's a real plea for anyone who rea…

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  • Submission
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    Just a quick poem praising Yahweh. :) It really is amazing how even the smallest things seem to scream His name, isn't it? Actually, I…

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  • Do not fear the dark cover 1
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    Do Not Fear the Dark

    My entry for the Figgie Fighters September Poetry Contest based on the prompt: They taught me to fear the dark. It might be allegorica…

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Talk to me!


about 2 hours ago Coral Vaci said:

Yep! So what is your favorite foreign language so far? :D

I don't dislike okra. I hate okra. XD

Pinterest can be super cool! I love some of the pictures I've found there. (But sometimes a bad one slips in and my eyes FLY away from the screen. XD)

Another random question, do you like history? O-o :P


about 8 hours ago Coral Vaci said:

If there is any language I would really love to learn it's Latin. *sighs dreamily*

YES IT IS. O.O (unless your mother just cooked okra.. xP)

Nice! And I looooove Pinterest! My pro pic is from there!


1 day ago Coral Vaci said:

¡Oye! XD I learned some Spanish last year for my Sophmore year! :D (Honestly, I don't remember much but I know what Asi asi means. :D)

I'm good, I just can't wait for lunch... XD

Just curious, do you make your own covers? o-O :P

Img_3492 (2)

2 days ago Samuel Roberts said:


2 days ago Coral Vaci said:

So, how are ya? XD

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Thousand Stories Untold

(about 1 month ago)

OK, so I'm only going to focus on grammar for this review probably, and I might not get far, but I'll do what I can. :P (Oh, and would y... Read More »

The Blackbird's Promise (Version 2)

(4 months ago)

HI! Here to do that review for you. Sorry it took so long to get to this. XD NOTE: Anything I say is meant to be constructive and help... Read More »