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    Intacta Imperium

    NOTE: This is the newly rewritten version of my previous work, "Figura Mutante". Trinity never understood why she could never make …

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  • Musicyeah2
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    This is my initiation piece for the Silver Society, a task in which I had to tell an entire story from beginning to end in less than o…

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  • Transplant
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    My entry for the Figgie Fighters September Short Story Contest. (Just a note: I stink at writing romance, so...yeah. I know it's not m…

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    When They Fade

    Have you ever had an imaginary friend? Ever thought about how they might not be so imaginary after all? Meet Liss Quie, a Spero, Hero …

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    Just a collection of poems written in some of my darkest moments. Even though it's in poetry form, it's a real plea for anyone who rea…

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    Just a quick poem praising Yahweh. :) It really is amazing how even the smallest things seem to scream His name, isn't it? Actually, I…

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Talk to me!


4 days ago WingsofAnEagle said:

Im glad your feeling better! :)

Meh. Its not coming along very well. I've got some really good ideas for this one, but its not coming together very well. :^/ Irs going to be the last story in ma short story trilogy, so I want it to be really impacting. I've taken an important character from the prior stories, and am making him the MC of this one. Trouble is, I want to maintain the mysterious aspect of his personality, but its really hard to do that from first person, and thsts how I've been writing the whole trilogy. It would seem odd to use a different tense for the last one. Also, I used some "secret" symbolism in the prior stories, and now the way I want ma story to go is conflicting with that.

So yeah, kind of stuck. Any ideas for me.. or suggestions? Or aNyThInGg?

Yes, I know the figgie who is organizing the construction of the new Figment. :)

Aww, tank you! :3

○.○ I seemed devastated? O.o Oh sorry.. me + ma drama.. lol XD But really tho-- whAt did I sayyy?! Cuz I dont remember talking bout how I felt with you.



Aliceb5 (1)

5 days ago Coral Vaci said:

That's fine! :D I hope life has been treating you well. :')

*grinning idiotically* SURE! :^D Teach me! >XD... Is it hard? How is it done? Do I get money for it? >;3

Oh, yes, I definitely heard that. Apparently, some Figgies have teamed up and are working on making another writing website... *Sitar music starts playing out of nowhere*... OwO

Yeahhhh. It's a bummer! d_d I remade - practically - all of my covers now. I got my images from Unsplash free images.

*Hides behind umbrella just before Roanoke explodes* *emerges tenaciously from behind the umbrella after the smoke dissipates* Ro-Roa-Roa-Roanoke??????? O-O

That's okay too! (I'm odd too.. OuO) And sweet! That sounds really fun! ^_^ I dream about my stories too. :D

As for me, I've been doing the usual. XD

Img_3492 (2)

7 days ago Samuel Roberts said:

Hey Ro, I need lots of prayer right now, and honestly I can't say this to anyone that I know IRL...I think I told you about this girl??? Well I'm about to like, 'talk' to her, but the feelings of inadequacy I always have are coming back, only this time ten times worse than ever...She's just such an accomplished young woman and seems a lot older than me (only 19 months tho) and I just feel like I have nothing to offer her and that it would be an insult to offer someone like me to someone as deserving as her, especially since she hardly notices me anyway... I'll spare you the details but that's pretty much the gist of it. But I mean I can totally tell that these thoughts are definitely from the enemy because God would never, ever talk like this to me, which probably means Satan doesn't want us together which is probably why these feelings are worse now than ever...Idk it's kind of weird, you never know what will happen with God. Sorry if that was kind of sudden XP

Aliceb5 (1)

11 days ago Coral Vaci said:

That's okay! I missed ya gurl! XD XP X3

NP! I don't know how to haunt anyway. ;P (I will figure out how! XD)

Aaaaand we can't make accounts on there yet, but I guess it will be ready at the end of the year. O_o

I've been good! Just doing schooling, working on a story, sometimes watching tv with my dad, and remaking any of my covers that aren't legal. T_T

Turns out, I think, our covers on Underlined should be legal! So I'm going and making covers again. 0_0

You?? :D


12 days ago WingsofAnEagle said:

Oh. My. Goodness. Woahhhh.. poor peeps :( Hahahahaaaha! Okay, same with me, weird=good XD

Awww, whale den, I hope you feel better soon! :( Been playing soccer, reading "The White Company", trying to finish this OBSTINATE SHORT STORY THAT I JUST WANT TO SMOTE JNTO THE DUST OF DE EARTHHH! *Hef hef hef* Ummm.. yeah.. sorry bout dat.. XD

Okay, well maybe I'll read it later on. :) Some big stuff is happening here, and once again, I'm in the middle o' it. Have you heard? Some figgies are creating a NEW FIGMENT! Nobody is really impressed with Underlined, and figgies are being scattered hdlter-skelter all over de place-- this is thebest way to keep the community alive and together, closely knit as always. I'm SO EXCITED though!!! Finalllyyy! XD *happy happy happy smiles*

Oh yeah, for sure.. *jumping up n' down* .,crazy Will is always on a sugar high.. AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ok I'm definately adding u to my Thankyou book.


Yes, we will get through it! Espacailly now that tgey a making de new-- ok ok ok, sorry XD I swear I won't say it again, heh ha!

But yeah, it is sad. To be honest, I've finished my mourning. Like literally-- when this first happened I freaked and was on my knees crying, but hey-- Im one of those peeps who are in de depths of despair one minute, and the heights of elation the next. XD Yeahh.. I've tossed away my sackcloth and ashes. XD


Oh. My. Goodness! Somehoo remembers mezz! XD *does a lil' jig* Kay, thats great, cause if you didn't O swear I wouda knocked out some o' your teeth.. XD JK! XD

~CRAY-Z Will-O

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