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    As Real As You

    The pen is mightier than the sword, but the test tube trumps them both. Emmy Angelo is a huge fangirl of the "Nymphs of Utopia" serie…

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    No One Knows (Fanfic)

    Halmber fanfiction :D

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    Good or bad? Both. First day of high school, and I'm being winked at by a cute boy.

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  • Blood on snow - snowbaz fanfic cover
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    Blood on Snow

    Some Snowbaz fanfiction! (Read after having read Fangirl and Carry On by Rainbow Rowell)

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    Elemental Fanfic

    *Halmber Shipping Here* Fanfiction for the webcomic series "Elemental" on Scratch (look it up, I can't put links here ;-;) Enjoy! (I'…

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    Billions (SLAM Poem)

    A SLAM poem that is spoken very quickly in real life, but has the same/similar impact reading it in your head.

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Talk to me!


4 months ago Deryn Rhys said:

Yo KeVeg! I didn't know you had a Figment. You learn new things everyday, huh? Well, it's nice to see you around here. As I've said a lot, I've left Scratch, but I'm still following Elemental until it's finished. Great to know that I'm not the only Scratch user here on Figment! (Don't worry, I plan on writing something, I just need some time. A lot of time, apparently xD)


7 months ago Jiggy said:

Hello! I'm so happy that you enjoy my book "Trial of Sapphire" so far! Thanks for your review :)

Me (edited)

8 months ago Danielle DiBona said:

Thanks for your feedback on "You'll Be Okay"! :') I really appreciate it. Unfortunately I lost the notes I'd typed up for the rest of the story, and it's literally been years since then so I'm not sure what I had planned. Though maybe I'll update the story and continue it eventually.

A good son (2)

8 months ago Blu Jay said:

Thank you so much for the review, it really means a lot!!

Clary frost

about 1 year ago Clary Frost said:

Thank you for the heart on "New World"! Happy writing!

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Arena Born

(7 months ago)

Great storyline! You should probably go over your homophones though, especially "They're, There, Their" and "Your, You're." Also: try pro... Read More »

The Attic

(8 months ago)

Wow, I love your style! It follows the thoughts of the main character exceptionally well, and you've managed to tell a fully satisfying s... Read More »