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21 days ago E.G.H. said:

I have submitted an email to you. Thank you for your consideration! -E.G.H.

Deathly hallows

22 days ago Kristal Daniels said:

I have submitted you an email with all the information and writing piece attached.


22 days ago Sadogue Enigma said:

Good afternoon! Thank you for your comment! I will be sending a poem called "Reckless." Thanks for considering me as a candidate. It's greatly appreciated :)♪♫


22 days ago Jessica Maria Montalvo said:

Thank you so much for your message. I have submitted my information to you via your email address. "A Comforting Lie" is my latest project and I would be thrilled to have it read on your podcast. Thank you for considering me. I appreciate it. -Jessica


29 days ago Tess Segal said:

Hi! Question: what do you mean by "...those who have been featured on our Poetry Podcast in the past..."? As far as I know, the last we interacted was me emailing you my submission without a response. Was I featured? If so, can you tell me where I can find it? Thank you! I'll be submitting my Thanksgiving story via email shortly. Once more, thanks!

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