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    The Players and Heartbreakers

    (W.I.P) “Do you trust me?” I give him a nod. “Good, ‘cause I trust you,” he says quietly. He grabs my hand and guides me. I let my l…

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  • Fate club
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    Fate Club

    (W.I.P) Ronnie Spence is just one of your quiet, shy, nerdy girls. Leo Workman is the bad boy who would never talk to her. Yet, fate …

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    Hello Spring

    (WIP) “I can’t believe you,” I say, my eyes red and itchy, my nose runny. “You should,” he says, a huge smile set on his lips. I can…

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  • Cleaning up the fires
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    Cleaning Up The Fires

    (Coming Soon) Find me. The same thought echoing in my head. “Char?” I turn to face him and run. Desperately, I try to wrap my arms a…

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    Records of a Poet's Thoughts

    Just a collection of poems and thoughts inside my head.

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    Why? ~ Ana G. Some people have big hearts, and it's so sad how others don't.

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6 days ago Erin Rae said:

Hi! Would you be down for a swap? I'd love your feedback on "Think of Home" and will review something similar in length in return


7 days ago Brody Ziegler said:

If you could read scabbed lips that’d be great


8 days ago Brody Ziegler said:

Would you like to swap?


15 days ago Arabella Starr said:

Figment is shutting down Dec 1st and becoming Underlined. I encourage you to join my group to discuss how you'll handle the changes and keep in touch with your friends and favorite stories/poems.


Aliceb5 (1)

16 days ago Coral Vaci said:

I'm sorry to bring these news but Figment is officially going to shut down and move to Underlined.

Read this:

(If the link doesn't work then it's on the figment home page, "Figment is getting Underlined.")

Please don't lose all of your hard work! Back it up ASAP and spread the word!

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My Reviews

Think Of Home

(6 days ago)

Also, one quick question. Did Victor die or?? Ana G. Read More »

Think Of Home

(6 days ago)

(For a Swap) This is just so sad and amazing. I can't help but feel so sad for Victor and Charlie. The way you described everything made ... Read More »