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    The Odd Ones

    (W.I.P) What happens when the odd kids are our only chance? ∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆ Ophira lives with the odd kids. She's the oddest of the …

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    The Players and Heartbreakers

    (W.I.P) Jack Hudson is known as the bad boy and player of Lone Oak High School. He can get anyone he wants, except for the new girl-O…

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  • Fate club
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    Fate Club

    Ronnie Spence is just one of your quiet, shy, nerdy girls. Leo Workman is the bad boy who would never talk to her. Yet, fate seems to …

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    Hello Spring

    (Coming Soon) Love is in the air... and so is pollen. April Bowman is looking for something to get rid of her allergies, while Tyler …

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    I Lost My Voice

    (Coming Soon) I'm Alejandra Sweet. I look like your average teenager, and I was. Keyword was. Not anymore. A lot of teenagers are cha…

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  • Cleaning up the fires
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    Cleaning Up The Fires

    (Coming Soon) Charlotte Coleman and Melvin Howe were best friends. Their lives were perfect. But one day, Charlotte's whole life flip…

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about 9 hours ago Kayla Amaro said:

Are you a young writer working on some amazing projects? Join my group Young Authors for writing advice, swaps, encouragement, weekly prompts contests (for both stories and poems), collaborations, and covers :)


4 days ago conlin.r said:

hey just got on.


3 months ago Midnight Wolf said:

Thanks for the follow! I hope you read and like my stories :)

I'm a mess

3 months ago DontPutOnThatDress said:

Finished my end of the swap. Sorry it took a minute, but it is done lol. I know I didn't read what you asked, but given size comparison and things, I took a more reasonable route. Plus, I wanted to give you my honest opinion of whatever I read of yours, and I would not be able to give an actual opinion if I just read the first chapter of something extremely long, lol. Hope you liked my review and hope to see you soon.


3 months ago Lezeah Hicks said:

You should make a second book to The Odd Ones, I'm in love.

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My Reviews

Little Black Book

(3 months ago)

(For a swap) I really love this. The character has a very complex and interesting mind. The way he thinks makes him different, though. Pe... Read More »

Emma's Poetry Collection

(4 months ago)

(For a swap) It's really good! I like it. You have a very good choice with words and your poems aren't 'chunky'. They flow very well.Keep... Read More »