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5 days ago Scribere said:

*I don't think I could give advice


5 days ago Scribere said:

Cool, also don't let yourself down due to this, make sure to keep writing. I'm also not a good one myself, I still struggle with spellings and little bit on vocabulary. I also struggle at real time writing. But since I'm here I keep writing to improve, there's always room for improvement. I follow the suggestions my fellow Figgies give and try to create something good enough so that people enjoy.. Actually I want to become a full time writer in future so I'm working hard and improving myself everyday. Only until few years ago I couldn't write one grammatically correct sentence. So, I would say that never give up and keep doing it. We learn everyday.

I'm not myself that of a good writer so I could give advice, but I hopes it helps. Looking forward to your works. Keep writing! :)



5 days ago Scribere said:

It's totally okay, just a few days in you'll get a hang of it. You can take me stories as reference and see the use of apostrophes. To wrap it in one line, insert a dialogue between 2 apostrophe pairs and write who said it after that. It's simple. Takeup any of my story and see to it.

Let me know if you need anything. Also, when you checkup on your dialogues in the book.



5 days ago Scribere said:

I was reading your book again and problem with apostrophes (") still persists. Let me tell you the use of an apostrophe,

It is used to quote a dialogue a character says like for example: "I need a cup of coffee." said the boy.

See, that is how it is used. Also you can use it to give stress on something in your work. Use apostrophes (") only when you write a dialogue (must be used for dialogues). So write dialogues like I showed you above. You got that?

Firsr let us correct your problem with dialogues then I'll move to next mistake. Shall we? Using apostrophes properly is a must for writing. So correct that first and let me know.



5 days ago Scribere said:

What was it you wanted to know? I didn't get that, what you asked..

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