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  • Copy of art exhibition flyer template
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    Oh my gosh you guys...WE DID IT!!! WE HIT 200 FOLLOWERS!! To say thanks for everything you guys have done for me....I'm so happy! This…

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  • 13reasonstotrybookcover
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    13 Reasons to Try

    Everyone has heard of the new Netflix original series '13 Reasons Why.' Well, here's my take on it. This is 13 Reasons to Try, inspire…

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  • Amazingthings todo withyour notejournal
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    Thank You

    ©2016-2017 By MaryAnn Cunningham ~ Thank you so much to the amazing Haley Kissell for giving me the idea...and being an amazing friend…

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  • Tryme
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    Try Me.

    A poem about girls. We are strong. We are beautiful. We can be whatever we want, and we don't need anyone else to change who we are an…

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  • Copy of coolest kid ever
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    Swaps and Advertising

    Here, this is just something for ME that I will do. You can read it if you want, but you don't have to. It's just mental notes of WHO …

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  • Poem cover - spring spirit
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    Spring Spirit

    Creative Contests entry for MAY! Yay!

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Talk to me!


3 days ago AnnaBanana said:

Hey! So I've got some bad news... we are starting fresh with HP-TURP, in hopes to get the group more active. We unfortunately do not need advertisers any longer, because our advertisements have not made a big impact on the group. I am demoting all our advertisers to members, so don't feel like you're alone. Thank you for understanding!


4 days ago Lauren Fricke said:

Hello MaryAnn,

I'm Lauren, and I've just joined "Creativity Bay"!

I am one of the admins of "Figgie Fighter Contests" which also hosts contests, but we're working hard to get in contact with other active groups!

Would your group consider partnering with us? Understandably, you'll want to think this over, and I'm happy to answer any questions! (I've also asked the other admin of your group!) At the moment, we have partnered with one other cover studio group- Covermakers Unite. In the near future, we hope to create contests that could span across multiple groups and reach more Figgies!

I hope that I haven't been too presumptive in asking this! If it isn't something you'd like to do, that is totally alright, but I definitely wanted to ask!

Let me know about any questions!


6 days ago Defiance Dagger said:

Sounds good. I'm only allowed to read the first four though? Will that be a problem?


10 days ago Alexis Arevalo said:

hi Mary-Ann I left a comment in the "We the Generation"'s discussion about advertisement. if you're interested in changing the advertisement to how I mentioned just let me know and I'll show you how if you don't already know how.


13 days ago Defiance Dagger said:

I joined the two groups you sent links to, because they sounded and looked like VERY good ideas. Thank you! But just curious, what will you Harry Potter RP look like? I'd like to know before I join, if you don't mind.

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