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  • I hate public bathrooms (1)
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    I Hate Public Bathrooms.

    © 2017 by MaryAnn Cunningham ~ Based on a true story ~ Yes, this happended to me. I know it's short, but it's also true. Names were ch…

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  • Demongirl.cover
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    Demon Girl

    ©2016 By MaryAnn Cunningham ~ Everyone is assigned a guardian angel who helps them out through life. However, due to a clerical error,…

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  • House of the gods ~ book cover-2
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    House of the Gods

    ©2017 By MaryAnn Cunningham ~ Sentence assignment: "There was an ache in her chest but nobody cared." ~ We all have different parents.…

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  • The boy ~ book cover
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    The Boy

    ©2017 By MaryAnn Cunningham ~ I didn't mean to kill her. I didn't. Seriously, whenever I tell someone I didn't do it on purpose they n…

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  • Fire catcher
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    Fire Catcher

    ©2016 By MaryAnn Cunningham ~ Yes, I can help you," answered the old crone, "but my magic has a price. Although under the circumstance…

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  • Maryann cunningham
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    Math Poems

    These are just a few poems I wrote in math class during 1st period today...I can't stand math...I don't even know why I was put in her…

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Talk to me!


about 4 hours ago Haley Kissell (hiatus) said:

Hey hey, look at you! You're almost to 200 followers! EEEKKKK so happy for you! Keep up the amazing work!


about 20 hours ago Emma said:

:) I don't really know how I got 200 followers! I participated in a bunch of swaps, did some free reads and got followers that way, and I've tried to be an encouragement to people! I'd say you're doing really good on your follower count since you've only joined in December! That's still a LOT of people!

So, what's your favorite genre of book?


about 20 hours ago Emma said:

Okay! And no problem! You know how we were trying to get to know each other a little bit a while back? Would you like to try again? I don't think we really talked much! You just seem like a good person to talk to!


about 23 hours ago Emma said:

Hey, I saw your comment on my post in the forums and I wanted to say thank you for the encouragement! That really means a lot to me. You're a great person! :)

How are you doing?

G. francis

1 day ago G. Francis said:

Welcome to Creativity Bay! =) I'm so glad you joined. The group will be up and running soon.

Also, thank you for your application to be part of the Creativity Bay team! I will look over it and consider you as an admin =)

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Hope without a reason

(9 days ago)

First glance: Capital letters. Make sure you either CAPITALIZE THEM, or NOT!!! This is something that someone like me can relate t... Read More »

The Rose

(9 days ago)

Wow, this was a very awesome read. The only thing that I would say is to add a little bit more detail. I know that you have a little bit ... Read More »