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  • The easter egg
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    The Easter Egg

    ©2014 By MaryAnn Cunningham and Melanie Jones ~ Jewli and Makkena are bored out of their minds. But when they find a special easter eg…

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  • How young is too young?
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    How Young is TOO Young for Electronics?

    ©2016 By MaryAnn Cunningham ~ It's not something is everywhere. The world is all changing so fast...this makes it har…

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  • How to be magically awesome
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    How to be Magically Awesome

    ©2015 By MaryAnn Cunningham ~ Just a little bit of writing to go along with my blog. It is totally the disclaimer!

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  • Life
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    Life Stories

    ©2013-2016 By MaryAnn Cunningham ~ I've always been known to write poems whenever I can, and here is a short book of some of the best …

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  • Beauty.cover
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    ©2016 by MaryAnn Cunningham

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  • Fall
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    ©2016 by MaryAnn Cunningham ~ The poem FALL found in my short story book: "LIFE in poems."

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38 minutes ago Haley Kissell said:

I did add another chapter to my Thank You book and I'd like you to go see (cause you're awesome!)


about 4 hours ago Ezaree said:

Hello! I agreed to a swap with you several days ago and I read one of your poems (which I really liked), and you left a comment on my profile saying you'd read the prologue I posted to my story, but I haven't seen anything from you yet. Are you still able to swap with me?

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about 8 hours ago Mint Splash said:

Btw, thanks for the follow. I really appreciate it!

Win_20170109_18_59_27_pro (2)

about 8 hours ago Mint Splash said:

Yep, I'm following Haley Kissel :) -Mint Splash


about 15 hours ago Yvegeny Lindsey said:

Hello! Can you please review The Memoirs Of A Psychic Person and Silver Reign Acting Club?

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The Monochrome Tree

(2 days ago)

I love this poem! There's a story here, and instead of putting it into a book you turned it into art. Just a few things to think abou... Read More »

The Possession of Mabel Paxton

(4 days ago)

DISCLAIMER: All the writing below is opinionated and crafted to fit your story 'The Possession of Mabel Paxton' By Abby Sebille. All of m... Read More »