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  • I'm alone
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    I'm Alone

    It's just how I feel sometimes... Alone

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  • Enamored
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    Funny story actually, I was doing an english assignment and I had to define Enamored, and I just started thinking about how beautiful …

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  • Thenewkids
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    I doubt I will actually edit this, I just wanted to pour out some raw intense emotions that I and many others feel everyday. Let me kn…

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  • Life
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    Life in a Nutshell

    I Journal of my thoughts and feelings after each day...I'm going to try it out for a week and see how it goes...

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  • Shared (1)
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    A Poem By Millie and Kyle

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  • .jpg
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    Homework in the Library

    The sun shown though the windows of the library, and it was beautiful...

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Magic fox profile legal with name2

about 1 month ago Naomi Folettia said:

Hi! If you haven't already and would like to... Wanna join? Just to keep in touch with our figgy roots. If you're interested :)


about 1 month ago Chideha Frost said:

ok thanks ;P you can email me at if you want


about 1 month ago Haley Kissell said:

Hi there! It's been brought to my attention (and those on the site) that Figment is shutting down. It's incredibly saddening for me to hear that since this was my first writing site. I'm sending this message out to all of my followers that I will be going to Underlined in the transition if you want to keep following me and my stories. Thanks for following me on Figment and I hope to see you in the transition.

Before we all leave Figment I was wondering if there would be any interest in my doing an author Q&A (where I answer some questions that my followers ask me)?

Thank you for your time! Keep writing and keep fighting!



2 months ago evelyn said:

yeah absolutely take all the time u need ! & no problem


2 months ago evelyn said:

anyway im sorry i shoudlve like. edited all that more instead of leaving a big long mess on ur wall

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My Reviews

A Lion's Courage

(8 months ago)

Wow! This was a VERY great job! Your descriptions were very great! I would be careful though, you descriptions where amazing and very viv... Read More »

The Tinkerman

(11 months ago)

(sorry that posted I didn't I'm not nearly done yet) Instead of "He has no other name except for Tinkman, and he is older, wrinkled wi... Read More »