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    The Heartbreak Hotel

    Kevin Cassidy was headed west, away from New York, for a fresh start. California was the destination, and he's nearly there. However, …

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    Good Enough

    A small piece I wrote on not striving for excellence, but instead just looking to be average. In the world we live in, everyone is pre…

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about 2 hours ago Sarah Reed said:

Hey! Can you tell me if you're still interested in our PRP I don't want to keep on bumping it!

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about 11 hours ago Noceurx said:

Sorry if my review seemed a little rushed or if I overlooked anything, but my half is complete :D Hope it could help, even if only a little. Looking forward to your thoughts on Of the Sun and the Rain.


about 22 hours ago Snowgiinaa said:

Hey! Want to swap? If so could you read Nails And Bones With Their Broken Souls? Thanks!


2 days ago julia isabelle said:

Yeah sure! Since you asked, can you go first? I would love some feedback on The Luna Effect, and then I will read Heartbreak Hotel and mimic however much effort you put into it :)

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2 days ago Lizzi said:

Hello :) I just wanted to let you know that I have already read heart break hotel in an unfinished swap we had a little while back.

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Think Of Home

(1 day ago)

The first paragraph just oozes great description. The only word that seems a bit out of place is "grimy". When I think of grimy, I think ... Read More »

Horsetrader's Daughter

(3 days ago)

Chapter Two: The very first line of the chapter is worded a bit awkwardly. I know what you're trying to say, but it just doesn't sound... Read More »