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    Growing Up

    Story based on "Suit and Jacket", by Judah and the Lion. For Writer's Workshop.

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    The Heartbreak Hotel

    Kevin Cassidy was headed west, away from New York, for a fresh start. California was the destination, and he's nearly there. However, …

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    Good Enough

    A small piece I wrote on not striving for excellence, but instead just looking to be average. In the world we live in, everyone is pre…

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about 8 hours ago Zunera Khan said:

I think this is a better than average article. You make this data intriguing and locks in. You give perusers a ton to consider and I welcome that sort of composing. Sexual Questions

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about 10 hours ago Aayet Mushtaq said:

Hi! You asked for a swap and I'm so sorry for getting to this late. I would love to seap. I'll read ypur story. You can read my poem 'A Little Girl Again'.


2 days ago Tahlie Purvis said:

I'd love to swap! :) Please read "Bulletproof" and I'll get to reading "Heartbreak Hotel" ASAP.


3 days ago Daniel Jimenez said:

You're good! I'll get started on your cover as soon as possible!

P.S. Is this based on the song "Hotel California" by Eagles?


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My Reviews

Little Black Book

(3 days ago)

I enjoyed this piece overall, and I love the idea of changing the story completely ever so often. There were a few mistakes in grammar an... Read More »

The Setting Sun

(3 days ago)

I read only the first chapter, but I have to say, this story was extremely hard for me to follow. I don't know if that's because it's a s... Read More »