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about 1 month ago Auroni D. Emile (Kyron) said:

Hey there! Up for a phobia themed contest? Check out the following link for further details:

Have a great day!

*You are receiving this ad as you are a member of the concerned group.


about 1 month ago Haley Aliah said:

CONTEST!!! Duration: February 13th, 2017 - March 20th , 2017 *************************** Theme: -- You must make a short story beginning with this sentence, "I flutter my eyes open to a blinding brilliant light." **************************** Rules: --Must follow the theme --No more than 3000 words --You can continue to update the story. The final copy will be judged March 14th --No erotica/sexual talk in your works *************************** TO ENTER: --post the name of your story or the link in either the discussion in the group "The Bookworms" or on Mina Autumn's profile. Here is the link to the discussion page: Link to Mina Autumn’s Profile:

**************************** Judges: --Mina Autumn --Haley Aliah --Jessica Rene' ************************* Judged by: --creativity --originality --clarity ************************* Prizes: 1st Place – heart, reaction, and review (piece of your choice) 2nd Place – heart and comment (piece of your choice) 3rd Place – heart and reaction (piece of your choice) Winners announced March 31st. Good Luck!!!

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about 1 month ago Irene Grey said:

Paris needs hep (1)

about 1 month ago [Team Phantom] aum0001(Online) said:

Hello. I see you joined CHISTIANS. I thought I should let you know that's it's so inactive because we moved to another group called Christian Saints. The founders name is Chester. I am sorry that we moved groups and you were in our group for all this time.

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about 1 month ago Nicolette Christiansen said:

Hey there! Would you care for a swap?

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