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    Forgotten Soldier

    Just a poem. Wrote it while I was studying "The Rise of Nationalism in Europe". I counted the lines and realized I by-accident wrote a…

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    My Long Distance Love

    Just another brutal, personal experience. Dedicated to all the heart broken distant lovers, whose story remains incomplete like mine.

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    Dedicated to all the mothers, without whom our life will be incomplete and imperfect. Thank you to all the moms in this world.

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    Three Empty Words

    A poem. Written from my personal experience.

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26 days ago Arietta Coleman said:

Hello! Would you like to swap? I'm trying to get more people to read Willow and Maya & Danielle Forever. :)


about 1 month ago NF Christine said:

you're welcome! I hope it was helpful :) You have a great day as well!

Happy writing!


about 1 month ago Scribere said:

I will read as soon as I can!!


about 1 month ago NF Christine said:

Of course! I will very soon! :)


about 1 month ago Paris Pearl said:

Thanks for all of your kind words and for checking out my pieces! I will certainly return the favor:) I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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Wasting Away

(about 1 month ago)

WOW! Hats-off to that amazing idea. I mean an eraser?! Thats appreciable. I loved it. But i just want to point out 1 very little thing a... Read More »