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    An extremely average, twenty-something year old woman, Alessandra, sees her greatest fantasy come to life--though it isn't exactly wha…

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  • D.gray
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    This isn't necessarily written with Dorian Gray in mind, but with *selfish* men in mind. I'm not much for feminism, if I'm being compl…

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    The Why

    A pretty romantic poem, to say the least--to say the most? The most genuine thing I've written about a loved one for some time.

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  • Pink clouds
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    Pink Clouds

    a short story about two young girls

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  • Lose
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    A short poem that isn't so defeated as it is accepting, though acceptance never does come free.

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  • Christmas dreaming
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    Christmas Dreaming

    a very short couple of lines about appreciating your family and friends during the holidays, the stuff that really matters

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10 months ago Stormie "Ducky" McNeal said:

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There is a fantasy world parallel to ours that is not unlike our own... a world where elves on cellphones is a normal thing, dryads and faries have a three-thousand year old disagreement, and gnomes are forced to be slaves to the rich and the wealthy.

In this world, assassinations are a common thing. And a large portion of them are commited by a highly-trained fifteen year-old elf who has a dark past she cannot remember...

And she will do anything to get them back.


Thank you for reading through that little description! If you could be so kind as to read and/or critique my story, or even just let me know if it's good, that'd be great!

ALSO if you prefer to swap, contact me over in my 'SWAP' book on my page for details.


10 months ago Aiden P said:

Hi,Would you like to swap? If so please review "Power" or "The Box".


11 months ago adiedo said:

Hi! Would you like to swap review for review? :) If so please leave a comment on my profile stating which book of your stories you'd like for me to read and check out my story Heroes of Peace! Thanks in advance! :)


11 months ago NF Kris said:

Okay cool :) You can pick one of my poems "Doubt" "Mirror" or "Drowning" whichever one best interests you.


11 months ago NF Kris said:

Would you like to swap?

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(11 months ago)

This poem has a very powerful, very real message--one that many should adhere to. The rhyming scheme was also very nice, and I loved the ... Read More »


(11 months ago)

This is really interesting--there are lots of different characters and situation that you clearly know very personally, which is good! Th... Read More »