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    There is always a hand to save you from drowning in the lies of this life- take it. Before it's too late.

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    Birthday Girl

    Ashlyn Walker awakes to the perfect birthday, everything is as she imagined it to be- well that's what she thought, until she receives…

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    Without a Will

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    Work in Progress...A girl runs from her home and family and is faced with a dangerous incident. Everything as she knows it- becomes sh…

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    Reality Check

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    Michael doesn't know what he wants to do with his life yet. Lenore on the other hand, knows for certain where her heart lies. Saving l…

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about 12 hours ago A.L. Lombaard said:

Astros as little pea-sized candy-coated chocolate balls with a malt biscuit center. They're also made by Cadbury. If they aren't available in the US that would be really interesting...

What's your favourite snack/candy?


about 18 hours ago Haley Kissell said:

I think the gun is a good way to kill him. Like I said, if you think it's too brutal, go with Ashes. If you want to make an impact, usually the more traumatic things hit harder. It's like when Prim died in the Hunger Games. People cared waaay more about her dying than Finnick dying.

Oh my, it's almost done! It has become my main project now. I am so close! I just released the 11th chapter! There's going to be 13 chapters (see what I did there? 13 chapters and 13 floors!) so it's almost done. I have about a fourth of the rest of it written.

How are you doing? Are you feeling any better?


1 day ago September Edenshaw said:

Sorry for the long wait. Good luck on Figgie Idol, btw.

I can't!!!! I can't look at him, can't talk to him, can't - I just can't. Imma 'fraid. And I don't know how. He doesn't look old. Or in my age.

No problem there with your rant. I love talking.

Awww. The guy sounds like a jerk. No offense, I hope? How many times have you transferred into a state? I got a piece of advice for you, buddy. Why don't you write him a letter before you go? I did that once, before I migrated. Good thing I'll be coming back after a few years.

Sorry for the wait, again. Hope you have a good day.

Screenshot 2017-01-27 at 1.37.20 pm

2 days ago The Golden Pineapple said:

No harm done. I'd be rather grateful if you gave me feedback for Dimension 556. But, I mean, read whatever you like. Also, thank you for the heart.


2 days ago Tilda Katarinasdottir said:

It would depend on how you do it, really. If you completely gloss over the part where the character dies, then no. There should be a 'death scene' somewhere in there. But you don't have to specifically show everything in detail, either, as long as you include the death in your story. To be honest, without knowing how much of the death itself is in the story, I can't say for sure. That other characters don't see the death could be a number of things, but I would say that in general merely not seeing because the cause is drowning and that drowning can be a little vague would be perfectly okay!

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Rursus Ea

(6 days ago)

For chapter 2: Very good! I am loving your characters so far! All of this is just my opinions and I was never the greatest as scie... Read More »

Rursus Ea

(6 days ago)

Alrighty! :D Here is for our swap. I love the way you describe your scenes and the way it just flows so well. I like the way the c... Read More »