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14 days ago AnnaBanana said:

Harry Potter- The Ultimate Role Play

Dear witch/wizard, We are pleased to inform you have a place at Harry Potter- The Ultimate Role Play. Term begins on 1 April. We await your owl.

Yours sincerely,


Hogwarts Express

Hogwarts Express


15 days ago Anndrea Davis said:

wow, long comment. Our schools robotics team is No Mythic 2491, if you've ever heard of them. I am actually not at school today because I am sick, ugh! So, what is your favorite popular book series? You know, like Harry Potter, or the Maze Runner series etc.?

Yah, doing reviews for each other could be a thing now... um, what exactly do you want me to read?


15 days ago Anndrea Davis said:

You know Wolf, you really have a talent for writing. Sorry if I am posting A LOT of comments on your wall, I just have a lot to say. Um, ah, yah, so, would yah mind reviewing my book called Poems, the cover says Broken Together. If you could, that would be amazing! Thanks!

BTW... How are yah?


15 days ago Anndrea Davis said:

thanks for the review! I haven't been into writing much of that story lately (Stupid homework!). Cool robotics! My school does a lot with robotics, its probably our number one "sport" aside from ultimate Frisbee. How long have you done robotics? I think I might review another one of your books now...


26 days ago Anndrea Davis said:

Hi, I reviewed your Run Little Man, great story BTW. Would you mind reviewing Night and Day? If you could, that would be great!

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(14 days ago)

Easily favorite thing about all of these is a change in feeling over time. I thought if was really cool how the poems transitioned over t... Read More »

Night and Day

(15 days ago)

Hi. Sorry this took me soooo long to do, I didn't forget, I've just been distracted with robotics lately. Nevertheless, I found some time... Read More »