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    Sleep Deprived

    Dustin Pruit began to have nightmares. He doesn't know why he's having these horrible dreams, but it's taking over his life. He can't …

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    Everett Beringer grew up in a normal household. He had a little sister, parents who loved him. But all that changed the night Everett …

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3 months ago Morrigan said:

As a child, your bedtime stories were all about powerful energy, magic spells, and foggy, moonlit nights on the beach. Only later do you realize that story was real. You are a witch. Your whole family have been witches, as far back as magic goes. White Bay has magic in its harbor, but after an accident less than 10 years ago, witchcraft has been forbidden. Now, not only must practicing magic be a secret from all the humans, it must also be a secret from your family. Can you survive your emerging powers and stay hidden away? Or is it time to step out of the shadows?


6 months ago Brianna Callanan said:

I know it's been a while but you told me to let you know when I added more to Zora. I have a chapter that I added. It is chapter 3. So I just wanted o let you know.

Sticky bpy

7 months ago troy said:

maybe he can, that's not something that happens over night. You can still beat him up with the red head, if you like!

Sticky bpy

7 months ago troy said:

I thought a lot about it in the time it's taken for me to respond >-< I think that Lawrence wouldn't accept Fermin after he attacked Al, so, if you like, perhaps Fermin is a more "evil" character and he lies about attacking Al and the others... I mean, Lowry's also seen him, but maybe that could work? He evilly lies his way into the circus muahaha

Magic fox profile legal with name2

7 months ago Naomi Folettia said:

Hi! So I finished my part of the swap and I would very much appreciate if you could review Liaffon (except for the last chapter which is the glossary). It would be very helpful for me to get as many opinions on my story as possible...and you're one of them! :D I hope that's a good thing :P Anyway, happy reading! :D

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(10 months ago)

I loved the detail and the plot of this story. It's exciting. I'm really wanting to read more of this story! You've gotta let me know whe... Read More »

A Pleasant Death

(10 months ago)

Wow, I loved how deep this was. It had great meaning and it made you want to read more. It was very well written Kyron! I loved it! Th... Read More »