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    A vampire world

    A world where vampires rule, and humans become slaves. Every year after a girl turns 18, there is an auction. Vampires from everywhere…

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    Should I stay or should I go?

    She paints a pretty picture. But there is a twist. The paint brush is a razor and the canvas is her wrist. --------------------------…

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    Pleasure of a Demon

    WARNING- SEXUAL CONTENT, SWEARING, ETC. Kylie Glenn suspected something was off ever since... that day. She noticed things around her…

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    The bad boy werewolf

    Alex just moved in town. She is a mystery that everyone wants to solve. Especially one boy in particular. Damon Wilder. He is the bad …

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Welcome to Creativity Bay! =)

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4 days ago G. Francis said:

Hey! I created a new group called Creativity Bay which is currently under construction but will become an active group soon. I'll have contests, games, and more including earning tokens that you can exchange for review, covers, etc. If this interests you, then feel free to join!


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okay. just rember you're friends are here for you. ~ Kiki

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Crushing Badboy

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I loved this book. UPDATE MORE PLEASE Read More »